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  • All the Apple subreddits set to go dark in protest of Reddit's API charges

    Isn't that convenient that Apple takes their reddit tags away with their 30% fees they charge. For shame, for shame.
    Apple hasn't done anything.  You've fundamentally misunderstood the story dude.
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  • Apple Vision Pro headset will get its own App Store featuring apps for visionOS

    If you watch the State Of The Union video there are some clips of xCode where visionOS is called xrOS.  Must've been a fairly recent change.

  • Apple making the case that Apple Silicon Mac & iPhone are great gaming machines

    Games were
    Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile
    Honkai: Star Rail
    Lego Starwars castaways 
    Run Legends 
    The Medium
    Tell me you don't care about games without telling me that you don't care about games.
  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors

    Xed said:
    twolf2919 said:
    I watched the introduction and couldn't help but laugh when I saw this thing: like a mix of ski and scuba goggles - bonus: the "see through" eyes that seem slightly larger than real-life LOL.  Then I noticed the tether that every shot tried so desperately to hide - in hair, scarfs...anything.  By the time I saw the price I already knew this was DOA - the $3500 was just the flowers on the grave.

    Don't get me wrong: from a technical perspective, Apple did an amazing job.  But this product is done in by its form factor - nobody wants to be even more isolated than they already are by wearing dorky goggles, tethered to some batteries in your pocket no less - and by the lack of a killer app.   You heard the word "replace" a lot during the presentation - it can "replace" a large screen TV (not mentioned, of course, is that it can only do so when you're alone) can replace multiple monitors so you can work with more of your apps (of course, interacting with those apps is a lot more clumsy than with a physical keyboard and mouse/touchpad)....I kept looking for the metaphor that best fits this product as presented - "jumped the shark" came to mind.  Apple just threw everything it had at the board and hoped that something will stick to make this product succeed.  But I really don't see a standout feature I'd pay $3500 for.  Heck - I don't see a standout feature I'd pay $1000 for.  Now - if this had been presented in a nice pair of stylish AR glasses without an insane tether to an external battery, I might have been convinced....wait another 3-5 years, I guess.
    No, you didn't notice that. You made that up.

    All 8 photos of it being worn on their main page shows a cable very clearly.
    The VIDEO dude. As it was announced. They clearly tried to minimize cable visibility. The hippie with long hair, the Asian girl wearing curtains, etc. it was glaring. Don’t pretend. 
    It wasn't all that glaring; there were at least a couple of shots where the cable was very obvious.  I know, because I noticed it, and I wasn't looking for it.  And then they outright mentioned having it plugged in and the power pack.  If they were going for minimising cable visibility then they failed outright, by featuring it as a part of the presentation.
  • Apple Vision Pro $3,499 mixed-reality headset launches at WWDC after years of rumors

    9secondkox2 said:

    Then I saw they’re using Unity as their 3D base. So it will only be Apple Arcade games.
    Huh?  Lots of different games use Unity, not just Apple Arcade.  Disco Elysium is a Unity game.  Not really sure if that'd be good in VR as is, but it's one hell of an immersive game.
  • Hands on with visionOS -- using the Apple Vision Pro operating system

    darkvader said:
    You know, this thing could actually be useful (if it runs Mac apps) or completely useless and stupid (if it doesn't). 

    I wonder which one will happen?
    They already showed it mirroring a Mac screen.  Obviously it won't run Mac apps on-device without modification.

    And there's plenty of scope for it to be useful without running Mac apps.  Silly trolling.
  • Mac Pro M2 review - Maybe a true modular Mac will come in a few more years

    nubus said:
    With Intel shipping PCI Gen 5 (double bandwidth), latest Xeon delivering +2x multicore performance, no GPU-support, the removal of ECC memory, and no way of upgrading... are we looking at the last in a series that started with Mac II?

    Should Cook have axed it like Jobs discontinued Newton, servers, and printers? Why didn't he? They have been doing their best not to upgrade the Mac Pro for more than a decade. With all the benefits of Apple Silicon then be honest about "we're no longer in the modular workstation market".
    Seems short sighted.  The M series chips having the equivalent of 7 Afterburner cards would be unlikely to be the case if the Afterburner cards hadn't been developed in the first place.  Would Apple's GPU expertise have been what it was if they hadn't invested in MPX, and worked closely with AMD to build GPUs as close to the silicon as they could get them?  The extremely high end workstation drives the development that often filters down to the low end.
  • Giant 30-inch iMac, iPhone 15, OLED iPads: Apple's roadmap for 2023-2024

    Literally no one has not thought of pricing.

    I get that you're excited bro, but you're losing it.
  • Spotify cutting off remaining customers paying through the App Store

    Surprised it took them so long to do this tbh.  I predict it will have practically no effect on their subscriber numbers. 
  • Apple Car is a matter of 'when, not if' claims analyst

    Does the world REALLY need another car? Apple or otherwise.

    Does the world really need another internet opinion?

    What the world needs and what the world gets are seldom the same.