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  • Russia claims Apple is helping US spy on thousands of iPhone users

    joogabah said:
    chutzpah said:
    So mean of the USA!  Bombing peaceful neighbouring countries is much more polite.
    No hypocrisy there at all.  America never bombs other countries or invades and topples other governments, even on false pretexts.  And America had nothing to do with Ukraine's 2014 coup either.  And it didn't state explicitly its plan to balkanize Russia as a prelude to war with China which it can't compete against.
    No hypocrisy at all.  I've never done any of those things.
  • Two new Macs with M2 Max & M2 Ultra being tested ahead of WWDC

    riclf said:
    These Studio boxes look like power houses. In fact, why do you suppose there will be a Mac Pro? What can it have that a Studio Ultra wouldn't... except personal expansions via expansion cards. And how many of us are doing that these days?
    More RAM.
    Discrete graphics.
    The obvious stuff that Mac Pros have always been sold on, though often failed to live up to.
  • Mac gaming staple 'Marathon' is being resurrected by Bungie and Sony

    Given that Sony own Bungie I don't know why anyone would expect it to be coming to the Mac.

    There is a Remote Play app for iOS though, so it may work through that.
  • Samsung's new 27-inch monitor competes with Apple's Studio Display at half the price

    One major difference is the camera is attached instead of builtin. The camera is not related to the monitor. 
    The camera comes with the monitor, and is designed to be used with it.  It is very much related. 
  • CarPlay & Android Auto have a stranglehold on the new car market

    davidw said:
    I wonder how the EU are going to handle this in the future. If one were to think like the EU, CarPlay is a lock in for the Apple iPhones. Even though Android Auto also locks one into an Android phone, there are over a dozen Android phone brands to choose from. There's only one choice with CarPlay. I can see the EU forcing  Apple to supply EU auto makers and for any autos sold in the EU, a version of CarPlay that can also work with an Android phone. Otherwise the buyers of a new auto sold in the EU with CarPlay, would be locked in to buying an iPhone for as long as they own the car. And with some of these German cars, that could be well over 20 years, with several owners along the way. With each forced to use an iPhone.

    I guess the EU could also choose to force EU auto makers to sell autos where the infotainment system can be easily and affordably be changed, even after the purchase. This way the original buyer and any future owners of the car when bought used, are not locked into buying a phone that is compatible with the infotainment system that originally came with the car. (As some would like to say here ..... it's my car and I should be able to install any software I want.) This also helps against any planned obsolescence from outdated infotainment systems that are no longer supported by newer devices. But then again, none of the EU auto makers are "gatekeepers" and fining them 10% of their World revenue for non compliance, would be a drop in the bucket, compared to fining Apple for the same.
    Volkswagen alone has 75% of the revenue of Apple.  That's not a drop in the bucket, that's a bucket that's three quarters full!