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  • Apple slammed with $1 billion class action lawsuit in UK over 30% App Store fee

    I know this has been discussed in depth, but isn’t 30% the same rate that Google, and Microsoft charged originally?  Isn’t it also LESS than the console manufacturers charge their developers?

    Feels like it’s become fashionable to sue Apple and other large companies just because they are successful.

    No one is forcing anyone to develop apps
    for the App Store, and the rate hasn’t increased, in fact it’s DECREASED if you earn less than $1M as I recall.

  • Rumor: Apple developing seventh-generation iPod touch, mulling USB-C for next iPhone

    iPod touch makes a great "gateway" into the Apple ecosystem for children who are too young to have an iPhone. A $200 apple device with monthly payment is the ideal Christmas/Birthday gift for kids.  It allows them get hooked on the app store, and start building their music library.  iTunes cards are a given at every gift opportunity.  When they are ready, they can transition into  a "hand me down" iPhone from Mom and Dad, and away they go...
  • Apple calls 128GB 'lots of storage' in new iPhone 15 ad

    128GB feels like it is a usable MINIMUM for the vast majority of people.  The 5GB iCloud backup limit is ridiculous but it's been short since they had 32GB iPhones.

    Buying more iCloud space is the smarter way to go.  With over 17,000 photos in my library and a 100GB iCloud photo library, my phone is a 128GB model and has 64G free.

    200GB of iCloud storage is $3/mo. or $36/year.  upgrading to 256GB is $100, which addresses the local storage but not the backup issue.  3Y of iCloud 200GB is about the same price, and gives you both the storage AND the backup.

    Buy more iCloud space, not more phone storage - especially if you upgrade your phone more than once every 3Y.

    That said, I don't shoot much video, so if you are shooting alot of 4K video, this may not work for you, but them I would say you aren't a typical user of the 128GB or even 256GB phone.
  • AirPods & Apple Watch market share insight opens debate on consumer choice

    avon b7 said:

    The problems arise though when manufacturers try to limit accessibility unnaturally to their platforms. That might be a different story. I don't know if that's the case. 

    Why is this a problem?  If you do't like the way the platform works, switch to another platform or just don't buy one.

    It's not Apple's job as a company to make it easy for their competitors to integrate with their products.  If it makes business sense for them to do so, then they will, if it doesn't then they won't.

    If you don't like the way Apple does business, they don't buy their products.  It's that simple.  Why should Apple have to do anything to help their competitors integrate with their platform?  We are talking about a cell phone platform that has at most a 50% market share in the US and less world wide.  The alternative platform is fully comparable and 100% a viable solution.

    All of these lawsuits are trying to tear down the very things that we Apple users WANT, and are a significant reason why we pay "the Apple tax" as people like to say.

    I don't want to be ablate side load apps.  I don't want to multiple app stores, and I don't want things like "walmart pay" to junk up my phone and ruin my iPhone experience.  We pay a PREMIUM the the privilege of NOT having to deal with these things.  I buy iPhones for all of my kids because i DONT want them to have Android phones and have to deal with the privacy and security issues there.  If one of my kids wants a Samsung phone that's fine, but they are on their own to buy one.

    It that same with Windows.  I don't want a Widows PC.  Haven't ever bought one and have paid a significant premium for Apple products for 40 years now.

    Call me an outlier if you will. but I think I am pretty representative of many Apple users today.  They won't even CONSIDER another phone.  Why should they?  NONE of the things these lawsuits are about are meaningful to them.  No one I know cares about side loading, or multiple app stores.  Hardly anyone I know even downloads third party software for their Mac's either.

    Don't even get me started on iMessage.  The whole argument on messaging is ridiculous.  Are we really crying over Green bubbles?  Do you REALLY want to send SMS messages through What's App?  Do you even understand that SMS messages are not secure and can't support large attachments like high resolution images and videos?  I know, what about Google's RCS support.  Personally, I don't care.  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE that I would send this type of information has an iPhone.  I know this isn't true for everyone, but there are so many other options you can use as well.  Don't want to use multiple messaging apps?  Aren't you already doing that with Facebook messenger, and Instagram DM's, and Twitter/X DM's?  Why does this have to be any different.

    I get that some people WANT Apples to support Walmart Pay, or Google RCS, or download apps from the Epic App store, or from Joe's Web site, but the vast majority, and I am talking 95% or MORE do NOT want these features.  They just don't care.  What we DO care about is having these features ruin the platform that we actively sought out and selected because of these features.

    Bottom line, if you don't like something Apple does, you are free to complain about it, but don't expect Apple (or any other company) to make changes for things that are not in their best interest.  They are a publicly traded company whose primary job is to make money for their shareholders.  If you don't like that, then don/t use their products.  Don't try to take one f the most successful companies in the world and change it into something that will ultimately ruin the experience the those of us to DO enjoy using their products.

    That's the end of my rant.

  • iPhone 12 lineup pricing identical across carriers after blowback over $30 difference

    Isn't the $30 discount really just to "make you feel better" about the $30 upgrade fee that the carriers charge?  The price really went up $30 as others have said, so in the end you pay the same amount as last year:
    2019: $999 + $30 AT&T upgrade fee = $1029
    2020: $1029 - $30 "Discount" + $30 AT&T upgrade fee = $1029

    The $30 fee is crazy because they never touch the phone and aren't really involved in the "upgrade" of a device.
  • Apple in 2019 and the case of the expensive iPhone

    jdgaz said:
    Apple users will very likely remain and grow their apple purchases. The ecosystem and the reliability / security continue to draw converts. Phones simply last longer than they used to. We used to crave for a new phone every year or two due to changes from 2G-3G-4G, extended battery life, and larger screens. We need not chase the technology anymore. Now a 1000 hand set is really a 4 year investment. Or about 20 bucks a month.
    What does this say about the Apple Upgrade program now?  Should we there be a new option with lower monthly payments and a longer upgrade period?

    Using the entry level XS + Apple Care ($999 + $199 = $1,198) as an example:

    Option 1: Two year payment of $49.91 - free upgrade after one year (current program)
    Option 2: Four year payment of $24.95- free upgrade after two years?

    Not sure that would work out since Apple Care would run out half way through...

  • iPhone dominates North America, Western Europe as 5G surpasses 4G

    Are these 5G phones being used with 5G plans?  Is 5G really a feature that people are upgrading for, or do the newer phones just happen to have 5G?  With the carriers charging more for 5G plans, I would be surprised to see people actually being able to use the 5G features.  Pretty much all of the people I know are upgrading to "get the new iPhone" or because their phone is broken, or a couple of years old.  Some upgrade for camera features, etc.  Don't know anyone who is looking for the 5G faster download, etc - especially if they have to change to a more expensive plan...
  • Verizon planning $20 upgrade fee even for customers of Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, leak suggest

    If I buy my phone at an Apple Store with Apple Upgrade program - how it Verizon even involved?  Doesn't it look like I "brought my own device"?

    Why is this even an Upgrade?

    dysamoriatallest skil
  • iPhone 14 Plus lead times start growing, Pro models still high in demand

    iPhone 14Pro is still not available in my area.  Not in stock at the 12 nearest stores.  Website shows they won't deliver until October 26th.