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  • Rumor: Apple developing seventh-generation iPod touch, mulling USB-C for next iPhone

    iPod touch makes a great "gateway" into the Apple ecosystem for children who are too young to have an iPhone. A $200 apple device with monthly payment is the ideal Christmas/Birthday gift for kids.  It allows them get hooked on the app store, and start building their music library.  iTunes cards are a given at every gift opportunity.  When they are ready, they can transition into  a "hand me down" iPhone from Mom and Dad, and away they go...
  • Apple in 2019 and the case of the expensive iPhone

    jdgaz said:
    Apple users will very likely remain and grow their apple purchases. The ecosystem and the reliability / security continue to draw converts. Phones simply last longer than they used to. We used to crave for a new phone every year or two due to changes from 2G-3G-4G, extended battery life, and larger screens. We need not chase the technology anymore. Now a 1000 hand set is really a 4 year investment. Or about 20 bucks a month.
    What does this say about the Apple Upgrade program now?  Should we there be a new option with lower monthly payments and a longer upgrade period?

    Using the entry level XS + Apple Care ($999 + $199 = $1,198) as an example:

    Option 1: Two year payment of $49.91 - free upgrade after one year (current program)
    Option 2: Four year payment of $24.95- free upgrade after two years?

    Not sure that would work out since Apple Care would run out half way through...

  • Verizon planning $20 upgrade fee even for customers of Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, leak suggest

    If I buy my phone at an Apple Store with Apple Upgrade program - how it Verizon even involved?  Doesn't it look like I "brought my own device"?

    Why is this even an Upgrade?

    dysamoriatallest skil
  • Compare the iPhone XS and iPhone XR versus the size of other iPhones with this printable g...

    i think a lot of people will be moving form the iPhone 7/8 to the Xs, or from the 7+/8+ to the Xs Max.  It would be nice to have those compared side by side as well...