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  • Apple Notes in iOS 18 looks to up the ante with Microsoft OneNote

    mike1 said:
    I really hope they separate the scanning capability from Notes.
    It really should be part of Camera. Open camera app, select scan, take pic (scan). Ask me what to do with it (like a screenshot does). Message, email, save to Photos or Files, save as Note etc. 
    I often need to send PDF scans of documents. I never need to save them as a note.
    Using this feature as a part of Notes adds a lot of unnecessary steps and time to the process, including deleting the unnecessary note I just created.
    You can also scan in the files app and save them directly to your iCloud Drive.  This makes much more sense if the destination of the scan is NOT going into a note.
  • Apple calls 128GB 'lots of storage' in new iPhone 15 ad

    128GB feels like it is a usable MINIMUM for the vast majority of people.  The 5GB iCloud backup limit is ridiculous but it's been short since they had 32GB iPhones.

    Buying more iCloud space is the smarter way to go.  With over 17,000 photos in my library and a 100GB iCloud photo library, my phone is a 128GB model and has 64G free.

    200GB of iCloud storage is $3/mo. or $36/year.  upgrading to 256GB is $100, which addresses the local storage but not the backup issue.  3Y of iCloud 200GB is about the same price, and gives you both the storage AND the backup.

    Buy more iCloud space, not more phone storage - especially if you upgrade your phone more than once every 3Y.

    That said, I don't shoot much video, so if you are shooting alot of 4K video, this may not work for you, but them I would say you aren't a typical user of the 128GB or even 256GB phone.
  • Apple in 2019 and the case of the expensive iPhone

    jdgaz said:
    Apple users will very likely remain and grow their apple purchases. The ecosystem and the reliability / security continue to draw converts. Phones simply last longer than they used to. We used to crave for a new phone every year or two due to changes from 2G-3G-4G, extended battery life, and larger screens. We need not chase the technology anymore. Now a 1000 hand set is really a 4 year investment. Or about 20 bucks a month.
    What does this say about the Apple Upgrade program now?  Should we there be a new option with lower monthly payments and a longer upgrade period?

    Using the entry level XS + Apple Care ($999 + $199 = $1,198) as an example:

    Option 1: Two year payment of $49.91 - free upgrade after one year (current program)
    Option 2: Four year payment of $24.95- free upgrade after two years?

    Not sure that would work out since Apple Care would run out half way through...