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  • Apple Card vs Amazon Prime Rewards Visa: which credit card offers the most cash back and b...

    One very important topic that this otherwise excellent article does not touch on is "international transaction fees."  There are a good number of us Americans who reside outside the USA but who still have bank accounts in the US and we of course want credit cards that tie into those US accounts.  It behoves us to consider credit cards which we can use both in the USA and abroad without getting hit with silly foreign transaction fees.  

    Having research many, many cards, I find that the Apple Card is pretty much the only one that offers NO FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEES while also offering us the card itself with no annual fees.  Many cards, like certain AMEX cards, also offer no foreign transaction fees but only if you pay a hefty annual fee.  For that reason, I cannot give an immediate nod to Reward Cards over the Apple Card because the key consideration for me is the no foreign transaction fee part.  For truly, if a rewards card gives me slightly more rewards than the Apple card, and yet that rewards card charges me foreign transaction fees, there's no merit to the rewards card. 
  • Test suggests 2018 MacBook Pro can't keep up with Intel Core i9 chip's thermal demands

    I could have told you that, even before Mr. Lee's findings.  A lot of people who embrace butterfly keyboards and impossibly thin designs don't give much consideration to thermal throttling.  But it is a reality.  Another sad fact is that it has been shown that Apple uses vastly inferior thermal paste between GPU and CPU chips and their heatsinks.  It would only cost them pennies more to use a half-way decent thermal paste.  So in addition to the fact that the thermal cooling in super thin designs like the 2016 and later MBP is inadequate to prevent throttling, thermal paste used does not transfer heat as well is it could.  Here's a SnazzyLabs Video that might help convince some of you.

    I've long called for the thinning of the MBP to end.  The thickness of the 2015 MBP is quite thin yet not too thin.  It allows for a good sized battery and for better cooling.  And while I think Apple should continue to strive for thinness, that doesn't mean it has to be the MBP.  Supreme thinness and lightness is what the MacBook is for.  Butterfly keyboards too.  But the MBP needs to be "Pro" all around in terms of cooling, thermal performance, battery size, ports-a-plenty, an internal SD card slot, and thick enough to accommodate a great keyboard with sufficient key travel that (a) will satisfy pretty much all users and (b) won't be harmed by specs of dust under the keys.  Indeed, on my 2015 MBP 15" I can remove the keys.

    These important considerations need to be made more serious by Apple engineers in future designs.  Take everything you want away on the MacBook, but put the beefy stuff in the MacBook Pro.  Make the MacBook Air a hybrid of the two, and then you have 3 product lines that can please every Mac notebook buyer.  Seriously.  It's not that hard.  It's just a matter of Apple rethinking its design decisions.
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  • John McAfee dies in Spanish prison following extradition order to US

    Boo Hoo.
    We ALL die. So what?

    Curious if that is what you publicly declare at the funerals of your own loved ones.  If it is, may I suggest those two lines as the perfect inscription for your own tombstone.  It would certainly make your stone the most popular in the cemetery! :-) 
  • Shareholders ask Apple to study impact of iPhone addiction on young users

    I don't see the compelling need for such a study.  As a parent of a 14-year-old and an 11-year-old, I can tell you that 14-year-olds entering high school feel it's time we parents buy them an iPhone.  But ultimately, it is up to we parents to decide if that's really in the best interest of the child.  I also contemplate if it is in the best interest of my pocket book too, since the month fees cost far more than the iPhone in the long term.  

    I purchased an WIFI iPad Pro 9.7" for my daughter when it first came out since her school required either a tablet or notebook computer at the time, and the iPad was cheaper than a Mac notebook (we don't do Windows).  But an iPhone is altogether a different device than a tablet because of the never-ending and expensive monthly fees and because it is small enough to fit in your pocket and tempt you to glance at it throughout the day.  

    I grew up with tech, my first home computer being the Macintosh 128k in 1984 when I was 13, and prior to that I had used Commodore 64 machines and other computing devices owned by friends.  But I did not grow up with a mobile phone and I think perhaps that is a good thing.  As such, I don't feel compelled to give in to my daughter's wishes for an iPhone, especially since we really cannot afford the monthly fees associated with it.  Even if one does a study and finds iPhones are addictive (which most of us know already), the PARENT is ultimately the one responsible for either starting that addiction or preventing it from starting in the first place.  The best "parental restriction" is the decision by the parent NOT to buy their child an iPhone or give them a used iPhone.  That by no means prevents teaching them about tech, since computers and even tablets with WIFI are a reasonable alternative, albeit alternatives that still need some parental oversight.  
  • The least surprising news of 2021: Facebook voted the worst company in America

    If true, most Americans are sadomasochists.

    The bigger problem isn't FaceBook.  It's Chronic Complaining.

    I say stop the complaining and simply stop using FaceBook (or any other free service) if you dislike it.  To continue using a free service for fun and then complain about it endlessly is evidence of a serious personal problem, not evidence of a FaceBook problem.

    Even more laughable is the fact that FaceBook users are such digital drug addicts that even Big Brother is trying to step in a protect those digital-drug users from their own addiction, treating FaceBook as if it is the bad guy.  The real bad guy is the one who has the addiction problem but refuses to admit it.

  • UK woman orders iPhone 13 Pro Max, gets a $1 bottle of hand soap instead

    jimh2 said:
    Nice clickbait making one think Apple had done this. 
    No educated person would interpret the article as such, and believe me, I know full well what click-bait is and hate it.  When I read the headline I immediately thought it was yet another case of theft by either the carrier or a thief who otherwise meddled with the goods during transport.  That seemed very clear to me from the get-go.
  • Review: 2017 MacBook Pro fulfills the promise of the line's redesign

    Fulfilling the promise?

    Let's see...
    • Smaller battery to make the case as thin as Mr. Ive alone wanted
    • No internal SD card slot, necessitating the need for a stupid dongle
    • Not even 1 legacy USB-A connector, necessitating the need for another dongle or adapter
    • No MagSafe = NotSafe
    • No LED on power connector
    • Trackpad so large you need extremely advanced palm rejection to make it usable
    • No illuminated Apple logo on back
    • Still no 32GB of RAM

    Yeah, that's fulfilling a promise alright.

    And before the status-quo-at-Cupertino defenders start to take issue with me, consider well I speak of the 15" model, which has plenty of space to have accommodated 1 legacy USB-A port and an SD card slot.  At the very least they should have done that.  USB-C won't be seen "pretty much everywhere" for at least another 3-5 years.  Having one legacy USB-A port would have been the right thing to do, to slowly transition the machine into the future.  And as to SD cards, they are no going anywhere, not even 5 years hence.  The remove of that was just a stupid over simplification.  And I say this as someone who tends to like Apple's simplifications.

    Last November I turned a blind eye to the above deficiencies and placed an order for the 2016 MBP 15", top-end spec.  After a month of waiting, I could wait no more so I cancelled the order and found a top-end late 2015 edition rMBP 15" with dGPU.  I bought that and until a week ago did not regret that decision.  Now after a merely 5 light wipe-downs of the screen, the anti-glare coating is starting to come off as shown in my video here:

    I used to think Apple was an exception to the rule when one thought about "American Made."  You know what I mean.  American cars compared to Japanese cars being no comparison in that American cars break down far more.  Yet in years past I always thought Apple in a class of its own.  Then I bought a late 2009 iMac and had the video card die just after the AppleCare expired, and it took an email to Tim Cook to get it fixed, which I appreciate.  But 3 years after the video card swap the same problem happened, prompting me to perform a DIY fix as shown here:

    I love Apple, yet Apple pisses me off too.  Boy do they piss me off.  Especially the stupid delimitation problem even on the last good rMBP (the 2015 edition).  Joining the Staingate FaceBook page I see people who are on their 3 screen and still have the same problem, which means Apple never fixed the problem.  And who knows if the 2016 and 2017 rMBP's have that problem too.  Yet I've never had such delimitation problems on any iOS device, despite my having cleaned them in a more harsh way (rubbing my iPad on my T-shirt, etc.).  If Apple can make decent iOS devices, what's the deal with the low Mac quality?

    I've also owned a variety of Macs since my first Mac, the 128k, in 1984.  Macs of old were truly built like tanks and even now I have my vintage Macs like the SE/30 going strong.  But more modern Macs are of a different level of quality.

    Low quality Macs Apple won't fix (replacing a screen that has a delimitation problem with another screen that will potential have the same problem is no fix at all), coupled with gutted "pro" machines (read the caveat list above) makes me sick to my stomach.  I want to continue to love my favorite computer maker, but what in the world is wrong with Apple?  Why can't all that money, all those employees, and all that sheer brainpower produce a level of quality in their computers that matches the price?  The previous poster said, "With Apple you get your money's worth."  More than 10 years ago, I would have agreed.  But as I've said, Macs in recent years are not necessarily one's that give you your money's worth.  And it saddens me terribly to say that.  Indeed, I want Apple to change that, while making it right with all the customers who have been plagued with problems.

    Sorry for the rant.  I'm just frustrated to tears.
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  • Nearly 75% of Apple users don't want an 'iPhone 13,' more than half not excited about iOS ...

    The average person lacks good sense about what they want.  If Apple was run by the general public, we wouldn't have an Apple today.  If the next iPhone was called "iPhone 2021" and the next "iPhone 2022" at some point people would be crying to get back to to the old numbering scheme so we could at list figure out what generation and how many iPhones there have been.  All said, the current naming convention is logical and should stay.  People are just fickle, growing wearing even of a great thing.  Sometimes we just don't know what's good when we have it.  
  • Samsung mocks iPhone 14 in latest ad campaign

    Pixel size matters perhaps more than the number of pixels, and Apple is clearly not dummying down their iPhones.  They tend to use larger pixels for better overall image quality.  Anyway, when you rip a competitor in an Ad instead of exclusively focusing on your own great features, you know your own great features are inadequate.  If anything, the SadSong ad serves as indirect "iPhone" Ad by mentioning its name so many times.  More people will be inclined to checkout the iPhone as a result.
  • Apple's legendary Clarus the dogcow returns in macOS Ventura

    Interesting how the smooth, modern version shown in the article has a prominent udder (milk sack) whereas the original pixelated version by Kare did not...

    No photo description available