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  • 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 review: Incremental upgrade and unexciting

    I'm rather shocked that this article and the entire tech media isn't talking about what MaxTech found in his review; namely, that the SSD speed is HALF that of the M1 MBP!  To me, that is absolutely shocking and totally unacceptable.  You can see that at the 1:16 part of his video below:

    He shows you get faster SSD performance even with the $800 MacBook Air!

    Max also reports it hits 104°C during testing, which is insane.

    Add the 720p webcam to that, and this particular model is turning out to be an embarrassing disaster.  Honestly, it makes zero sense to me what Apple even has it in the lineup because the M2 Air looks to be better in many ways, if one wants a big step up from the Air, they just need to go with the 14" M1 Pro.
  • Apple starts taking preorders for M2 13-inch MacBook Pro

    I'm not finding the article to be accurate insofar as when I go to Apple.com and select the M2 MBA, the blue "Add to Bag" button is dimmed out as it has been since the M2 MBA page was created.  Simply put, it's impossible to pre-order.  If AppleInsider can, please give specifics on precisely how that is accomplished.
  • Apple's legendary Clarus the dogcow returns in macOS Ventura

    Interesting how the smooth, modern version shown in the article has a prominent udder (milk sack) whereas the original pixelated version by Kare did not...

    No photo description available
  • Compared: 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 vs 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1

    You know, I've loved Apple since my 128K in 1984, but they often do the STUPID thing for reasons of saving a little money and wanting to wait until a complete redesign is on schedule before they give consumers the good thing.  More specifically, it's quite asinine to release the M2 MacBook Air with a 1080p webcam and stick the foolish 720p camera in the M2 MacBook named "Pro."  That one thing alone makes it laughably un-Pro, and the powers that be at Apple really out to be ashamed.

    But they won't be ashamed, and they will just update it in 2023.  Then all the complaining about that point will cease, and Apple will continue on doing as they have been.

    And on top of all this they leave the Touch Bar that relatively few people like.  No surprise because Apple is refusing a complete redesign of this model, but they would have been better off just to have killed the 13" MBP and shoved consumers to either the MBA or MBP 14".  

    When Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he took a hammer to projects he felt necessary and slimmed down product offerings.  Unfortunately, Tim Cook doesn't feel the same.  On some level, it's a good thing, because Apple did finally axe the butterfly keyboard and brought back Magsafe and the SD card slot (things consumers asked for), but the MacBook line is overly complex and the 13" has enough problems to warrant the axe.  The fact it wasn't axed is why we are all here talking about it.

    So why not the M2 Air instead?  Well, it doesn't have a fan.  That's great until it's summer time.  When the Air gets really hot, it will throttle down performance.  With a fan, it would throttle less.  That's the lone reason people map opt for the 13" over the Air, even in spite of that stupid, idiotic 720p camera.  The 14" is all around better than the M2 13", but it's out of the price range for many students and people on a tight budget.  

    I guess so long as you use your M2 MBA on an ice cube, you will get the best value overall, regardless of heat. :-)
  • Apple's homeless relocation project still hasn't found homes for everyone

    Interesting to see people bash Apple, after it spent "millions" trying to help, but such comes as no surprise.  It's the same with American public schools, no matter how much more people give through taxation or donation, they always need or expect more.  

    As to the commenter who spoke of "finding them jobs," it's important to realize that drug addicts and the mentally ill comprise a large part of the homeless population, and because America thinks it improper to institutionalize folks that that anymore, we end up with them on the streets or on private property.  For many, holding a normal job is not realistic, and even when you have a job, the pay is not going to be white collar level, and in California where the cost of living is so high, you end up with such an unworkable situation that many continue to live on the streets.  Also keep in mind that holding down a real job involves having several changes of nice, clean clothing, the ability to shower daily, AND the ability to have PROPER TRANSPORTATION to get to work on time.  People who lack understanding about the homeless fail to take those things into consideration. Invisible People on YouTube is a great channel to take a deeper look into this complex problem.

    Apple probably would have faced the same criticism had they done little to nothing and just had the cops "evict" those folks from Apple's private property.  But at least Apple can now say they tried, and so even though they will get bashed for having to move the rest of the people off its land, it's not like they didn't do anything at all to help.  At some point, the hard choices must be made.