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  • New PayFinders app for locating Apple Pay merchants reports 750% increase in users in two days

    cornchip said:
    So the went from 10 to 75 users?
    While I appreciate your sarcasm, your math is wrong. IF there were only 10 users and it went to 75 uses that would be a 650% increase; i.e. [(75-10)/10] x 100 = 650% to get to 750%, IN YOUR EXAMPLE, there would have to be 85 users now.
  • Apple reportedly planning $1B database center and R&D facility in Vietnam

    It's starting to sound to me like they're beginning to pave the way for a U.S. exit after the FBI harassment and the deal with the taxes and offshore money.
    and that answer is perhaps the funniest one here. Apple is not leaving the United States. To think otherwise is just SILLY.

    Have you noticed that Apple is MONTHS away from occupying an entirely new campus in Cupertino, California which is IN THE UNITED STATES.

    This $5,000,000,000 campus that under development that will be placed on a 176 acre site in Cupertino, California and will be occupied by more than 13,000 Apple employees. 

    They also own many other facilities, buildings, stores and data centers around the United States and even in Cupertino. Despite the new campus and buildings Apple  recently has rented other buildings in Cupertino too.

    I think they have a MAJOR COMMITMENT to remaining in the UNITED STATES. There is no doubt about it.

    for more information and videos on Apple’s new building and campus check out http://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/apple/apple-spaceship-campus-facts-pictures-video-info-video-3489704/
  • Apple's iTunes Movies and iBooks Store shuttered by Chinese state agency, report confirms

    mubaili said:
    Damn it! It is a shame of China government; it is a shame and cowardness of Chinese netizens who just stand by silently day after day when they cannot access Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, it is a shame on Obama govt that also just stands by silently like a sheep without protests or wage a trading war to protect and promote American companies' interest. It is a shame on Apple that doesn't follow Google's lead and just close all the retail stores in China and recall all iPhones in China and leave China for good.
    @muballi "It is a shame on Apple that doesn't follow Google's lead"  HUH?? Google's LEAD???  Did Google have anything to do with Google search or other information/data services not being in China? I don't recall Google making a major political stance and saying that they would not provide any of Google services in China. Did that happen? I thought it was China who kept Google out of China??? Wasn't it??? Besides Google does provide the Android OS to companies in China to make those cheap Android phones. So Google is gaining through that product being used in China by Chinese manufacturers. (oh, that's right Google doesn't make any direct money from doing that) The issue here is control of CONTENT and INFORMATION to the Chinese people. I think it is better that Apple stay in China in whatever manner they can. With their Western culture foot in the door of the Chinese communists is the best way to begin to open the door all the way. I do agree the U.S. administration should (and I think they DO) promote human rights and free exchange of information to and between the Chinese people and the rest of the world.