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  • Apple sacks iPhone X engineer after daughter posts hands-on video to YouTube

    Sorry. But, tough. Apple can't take any chances with all the thieves out there. The stakes are too high. 

    If you sign an agreement, you stick to it. Period. Otherwise there's no point in having such a thing as an agreement, is there?
  • Saudi journalist used Apple Watch to record own interrogation and execution, report says [...

    Something about this story does not ring true. It says "... [the] Saudis gained access to the watch using Khashoggi's fingerprints and deleted certain files on the device.."

    Huh?! How do I gain access to the Watch using TouchID? 

    And, is it possible to record on the Watch (even using an app)? Then transfer it to the phone? And upload automatically to iCloud? How would he have known the wifi password for the Saudi consulate? And how would people have access to his iCloud account?
    (Add: I've 
    answered some my own questions. Yes, it is possible, it turns out. One can set the Watch to unlock when the iPhone is unlocked; there are third-party apps such as "Just Press Record" that store locally on the Watch, then transfer to the iOS divide and/or cloud; his friends or associates could have known his iCloud login I suppose; it's possible that he did use wifi with some type of public login. Wow. Just WOW.)
  • Actually, there is something new about Apple's upcoming iPhone 7

    hagar said:
    Thanks for pointing me to Joanna Stern's article on iPhone and AI in WSJ. I think she's spot on. The position of Apple on privacy is not a desirable one. If I look at my Android friends that are amazed by the AI delivered to their phone by Google & friends that analyse their data, I can't help but wonder how Apple will ever deliver something similar? 
    Nobody seems to care that Apple protects their privacy (it's a multinational too!) and Google not. They just want useful information delivered to them when they need it.

    You don't have the first clue about what 'privacy' means. It is not about your browsing habits or cute little A.I. solutions that Androiders might think is the Next Big Thing.

    It is about the security of your financial and tax transactions; it's about protecting your health data; it's about protecting against stalkers; it's about protecting family communications; it's about protecting legal communications; it's about protecting corporate communications; its about protecting corporate IP and business practices; it's about payment systems; its protecting against hackers and spyware and malware and phishing. I I could go on. 

    This is also the reason that Android will never be the Next Big Thing in those arenas. 
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  • Review: Microsoft's Surface Book 2 is expensive with mediocre performance

    I have at least half a dozen colleagues at work who say that the quality of the Surface is atrocious. They’ve had to send theirs in (or get a replacement device) multiple times.
  • Editorial: Apple Arcade is likely to drive a new A12X Apple TV

    Despite being a pioneer, AppleTV is now a massive underachiever. They’ve been pretty convincingly overtaken by Roku. If it weren’t for my photos and my music, I’d pretty much jettison both mine. The remote is an insufferable joke. 

    Faster processors and Arcade and Jennifer Anniston and such ain’t going to cut it. 
  • Obama administration, FBI must act to restore US government's credibility in Apple's encryption deb

    Brilliant editorial. I agree 100%.

    Thank you, DED.
  • Unboxing and activating Apple's titanium Apple Card

    Opening a credit card - must be a slow news day.  
    Actually, having opened quite a few credit card envelopes in my life, dealing with blobs of glue, peeling off stickers, calling a 1-800 number, getting sold collateral stuff while they’re activating the card, etc., this one was a pleasure to open/activate. Felt a teeny bit like dealing with the iPod packaging when it first came out. Nice feeling!

    Little things, perhaps. But that’s what differentiates Apple. Some people appreciate it, others don’t. 

    As an aside, given that I’ll be traveling abroad next week, I wanted to put a ‘travel notice’ on it. Had to call the card’s 1-800 number to do so, it was not something I could do online. That was a tad surprising. 
  • Apple reveals plans for future Washington D.C. Carnegie Library store

    Isn't much of Washington, DC a crime-ridden dump thanks to their mayor?

    Um... certainly not relative to the past, if you believe in things such as data or facts.,_D.C.
  • Apple, other tech companies pledge to continue efforts to meet Paris climate accord

    jungmark said:
    Excellent. Just because Donnie doesn't understand science, doesn't mean we roll back progress. 
    Science isn't always right. They still can't figure out how much carbon emissions are from humans vs the environment. 
    You're pretty clueless on that front. Go ahead, ask me what you'd like to know about which specific type of human-caused emissions, from which country: I'd be happy to point you to resources where you can educate yourself.
  • Apple said to be cutting iPhone X production in half due to slow sales

    No one has a clue. 

    End of story.