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  • Google suspends Huawei's Android license, forces switch to open-source version

    I’m actually amazed Google is doing the right thing here. After all, they’ve been fueling Asian knockoff artists (including Samsung) since Android 1.0, at the expense of/on the backs of American companies and American innovation. Remember how Google bought one of the last remaining American mobile device companies (Motorola), only to mine their patents before dumping the company off on the Chinese? All to build a mobile market share monopoly to feed their sweet, sweet digital surveillance advertising business.

    Now all that remain are Apple and, surprise, Google. Who, like Microsoft before them, found it worthwhile to stab their hardware “partners” in the back by jumping into the hardware market themselves for some potentially-lucrative double-dipping.

    Google are scum, but at least they’re doing the right thing here. For once. 
    This is not the first time. Google left China some years ago when they were asked to tattle and spy on users. They just packed up and left (yes, there were some recent moves to tip-toe back in, and while that may yet happen, they’re still not in China). Apple, IIRC, agreed to China’s data requests — but someone could correct me on that. 

    Credit it where credit is due. 
  • Google suspends Huawei's Android license, forces switch to open-source version

    A wonderful thread, so far. 

    But it just wait until the Huawei trolls start to show up... (and they will — it’s still very early morning there). 
  • Spotify breaks 100 million paid subscribers, holding lead over Apple Music

    Entirely anecdotal, but neither of my kids or anyone I know in their immediate circle of friends uses AppleMusic. They're all on Spotify, however. In fact, one of my kids accidentally let the "free 3-month" offer expire, and was charged by Apple. He canceled it right away. 
  • Purged screen time monitoring apps misused enterprise tools, Schiller says

    apple ][ said:
    I remember reading the earlier article about this on this site and I also remember some of the ignorant comments.

    Many people who are easily manipulated and naive fell for the fake news from the NYT. 

    It was AppleInsider that said, in the prior article: “In speaking with Apple on Saturday morning, AppleInsider was told that the feature removal requests and app withdrawals fall under section 5.2.5 of the App Store app review guidelines, specifically saying "don't create an App that appears confusing similar to an existing Apple Product, interface, app, or advertising theme." 

    Fake news too?
  • MacBook, MacBook Pro keyboard repairs 'prioritized' for in-store next-day service

    Good idea, and about time. The keyboard is producing genuine angst among many users, and is generating intense negative press for Apple. 

    See, for example, this tweet from David Pogue (who certainly is no enemy of Apple):