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  • Apple debuts iPhone 11 Pro from $999 with triple rear camera

    tmay said:
    avon b7 said:
    tmay said:
    avon b7 said:
    I've been looking at the Spanish prices and configuration options. For the iPhone Pro series, I see them as being a hard sell at well over a thousand euros but what truly stands out and hits you squarely in the face is a non upgradeable starting storage option of just 64GB with no 128GB option to bridge to 256GB. If you consider 64GB woefully inadequate, there being no 128GB really makes the sale harder.

    That one key factor takes the sheen off the pro label and adds another, upsell.

    These 'pro' phones should start at 128GB - as a minimum.

    Gee, and I can see that you were already to purchase, if not for that.  /s
    Being ready to purchase or not is irrelevant. It is an observation. Which one have you ordered?

    If you want that Tri-camera you have been waiting so long for, you will have to choose between the 64GB or 256GB option. Apple has eliminated the option you (and many others) probably preferred. Will you bite on the 256GB option or will 64GB see you comfortably through the next three years?

    Truly, it's a decision you shouldn't even have to make.
    Oh, I always wait until the initial rush is over and purchase directly at the Apple store that I pass on the way to Reno, and I'm definitely interested in the Midnight Green.

    Storage I'm still undecided of, but I will be purchasing at least the 256GB tier, and likely by late October so that I can get the free Apple TV + subscription before the launch. If I wait to purchase a new iPad Pro until next year in late October, I'll get yet another free year of Apple TV +. 

    The truth is, and many observers have already stated it, that the iPhone 11 Pro is the first cinematic smartphone (given the the Red Hydrogen One is a turd), and anyone that will be purchasing this will surely be using it for video and buying at least the 256GB tier.

    Oh, and the price I'm looking at with 512GB, AppleCare+ and taxes, is just at $1849 U.S. dollars, which is $1.69 a day if I keep it for three years, and gift it to someone else. That isn't a big deal at all for a lifecycle cost, hence why Apple's payment plans are so useful to buyers. I'm likely to just pay it upfront as I don't really like to keep track of payments.
    Don’t forget to add 25% to the base price on account of tariffs. 
  • Craig Federighi: lyrics visualizer coming in iOS 13.1, iMessage scheduling considered

    Yes, every new feature, like future-based message sending, introduces many new complexities. And Apple is largely about simplicity.
    I am guessing that, as with many other such in-depth functions, Apple will make this feature optional, to be turned on in Preferences or in Settings..
  • Foxconn used five times more temp workers than permitted for 'iPhone 11' assembly surge

    Yeh, that's what Carnegie and and the mine owners told their U.S. workers 100 years ago -- before we had unions and labor laws.  
    If unions are so hot, I am sure you can explain why this happened (btw, the graph for Europe is nearly identical):

  • Editorial: Apple Arcade is likely to drive a new A12X Apple TV

    Despite being a pioneer, AppleTV is now a massive underachiever. They’ve been pretty convincingly overtaken by Roku. If it weren’t for my photos and my music, I’d pretty much jettison both mine. The remote is an insufferable joke. 

    Faster processors and Arcade and Jennifer Anniston and such ain’t going to cut it. 
  • Review: Apple Card is more of an experience than a reward generator

    steveau said:
    The review misses one very important fact: Apple Card is only available in the US, with neither Goldman Sachs nor Apple has yet disclosed when or if it will be available in other countries.
    Appleinsider had addressed this a while ago: