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  • US iPhones and iPads might soon access EU's Galileo satellite navigation system thanks to ...

    applejeff said:
    Since the devices are, as far as I understand, only listening to the satellites, not transmitting to them, why do they need FCC approval?
    "Receivers operating above 960 MHz are only subject to the requirements of FCC Part 15.5, which basically state that the device cannot cause interference and that it must accept any interference caused by a licensed radio station. This section also states that if the device does cause interference it ceases operation upon notice from the FCC and cannot resume operation until the interference is resolved." (from some Rhein Tech document - http://www.rheintech.com - don't have the original link though)
  • Microsoft Surface blamed for NFL football playoffs meltdown

    So, they are calling them iPads when they work, and MS Surface when they don't? That's marketing all money can't buy :-)
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  • 15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro compared - which upgrades are worth it?

    Many thanks for that – highly informative and helpful.

    I have received my new MBP (2.6 GHz i7, 560X, 32GB RAM, 2 TB SSD) a couple of days ago and I am extremely happy with it. While everybody says the changes to the keyboard are minor, I do not think so. To me it is a night and day difference. Much more quiet (maybe not in dB, but in perception) and a much better typing experience. I make almost no typing errors while I had to go back and make corrections all the time on my 2016 model.

    I am not doing a lot of hardcore video and 3D stuff, I mainly need the power to run extensive virtualization projects in class. 6 cores with hyperthreading and 32 GB RAM (finally!) make a world of difference here. I can run an entire MS System Center simulation (11 servers and 3 clients) and a network simulation in Cisco VIRL simultaneously while having a separate VM doing packet capturing and LogManagement/SIEM in parallel... Bottom line that means that I no longer have to lug 2 machines around, and that my XPS 15 can go in the trash (well, on ebay) where it belongs.
  • Apple Pay launches in Germany with support for 15 banks and services

    mbenz1962 said:
    Great! Step one is complete.  Now hopefully the bigger banks and credit unions here will start getting on board in 2019 (step 2).  To really be successful they need Sparkasse, RV bank, Commerzbank, PostBank, and a few big online banks like DKB.  They don't have to start all at once, but once one of those starts offering ApplePay the rest will fall in line.
    Apple should just educate users that they do not need any of these to use it. I am with Postbank (they are crap, but they have a branch just around the corner) and just use VIMpay. Charging the virtual Mastercard is just a matter of seconds and you can use the balance instantly. No fees and a very nice app (better than anything the banks here have). Used it two times today and it was almost too flawless :-)
  • Where is Apple's innovative iPad, MacBook Pro hardware to rival Microsoft's Surface?

    backstab said:
    Hey! A whole new level of pathetic clickbait from AI.
    Even I'm a bit surprised.
    Clickbait, yes. But a different kind. One that actually leads to something intelligent and true. Made me smile...
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  • Review: Apple's 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    After some time with the new (15") MBP, I am mainly happy with it. Screen, speakers, SSD, performance, battery life, Touch ID: all great. The Touch Bar is useful and works very well, I just wished it would expand the default controls when using an app without support for it. Displaying an empty strip with collapsed controls on the right is silly.

    I absolutely love the keyboard, I am typing faster and with less errors than ever before. Absolutely hope Apple's next external keyboard will be the same. The improved backlighting with almost no bleeding is also great. The only minor downside is the increased noise. It is not severe, and should not make a difference in normal environments, but e.g. in a library it is a bit annoying.

    I have no problems with using adapters, but still think one USB-C to Lightning cable and one Type-A adapter should have been in the box. A machine in this price class should be usable out of the box. And since USB-C is nowhere ubiquitous as of yet, this is not the case.

    But there are a few negatives, and they should be mentioned:
    • Dell's approach in the XPS laptops (provide a normal power port, plus support charging through the USB-C port) is far superior. It allows for a proper brick with cable management, you get a light indicating charging/full. Plus they still provide an external battery indicator allowing to check battery status without powering the device up. Apple should have kept MagSafe.
    • The USB-C charging cable already looks like the Linguini Incident after a few days in my bag.
    • The new MBP has several sharp edges (around the vents and around the hinge). Not a biggie, but not something that should have escaped them either. Carrying it while holding these areas is uncomfortable.
    • Palm rejection on the bigger trackpad works fine some 99% of the time, but I experience erratic behavior once or twice per day. I hope future software updates improve that.
    • The autostart when opening feature is nice, but it introduces some problems: Demonstrating that the machine is off in security checks is impossible. Checking if the machine is powered off (e.g. before boarding flights where this is a requirement) is equally impossible.
    • I still want my sleep light back :-)

  • Apple's new Touch Bar MacBook Pros and the future of Macs

    I have absolutely no problems with most of Apple's decisions (that's why I have ordered a nearly complete - only the 1 TB SSD, everything else top of the line - 15" MBP within minutes of store availability after the keynote. And I have no second thoughts about it at all. 

    I can live without all removed ports (the one port I truly need - Ethernet - has been absent from my Retina MBP since 2012; and no, I did not expect it to make a comeback). I love the new keyboard (I played with the 13" base model in the Apple store, and it is perfect), love the bigger trackpad and the new screen is absolutely adorable. Performance is absolutely fine unless you want to game, in which case a Mac is a stupid idea in the first place. I have rarely seen the glowing Apple logo - always been on the other side, and while I loved the first generation MagSafe, the second generation was a dud and is not missed at all. And the things I truly miss (sleep light and external battery indicators) are unfortunately long gone.

    I absolutely look forward to using the new Touch Bar, because the concept is making a lot of sense. (I do have a XPS 15 for Hyper-V stuff and I turned its touch screen off in the firmware, because it is good for absolutely nothing. It is a checkmark item without any value whatsoever.) Still, and that criticism simply is true: A lot of demanding users would have preferred 8 hrs of battery life with 32 GB DDR4 RAM over 10 hours with 16 GB LPDDR3, especially since most "pro" (quotes intentional) tasks are performed while being plugged in anyhow. At Apple's margins offering both would not have been such a stretch, especially since they likely sell more models in the $3k - $5k bracket than all competitors combined. They have to live with this criticism.
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  • Akitio Thunder3 10G network adapter adds 10 gigabit ethernet connection to MacBook Pro, iM...

    If this delivers the advertised performance, it is quite a steal. ATTO's TB2 to 10 GbE adapters sold for around $1k.
  • Long-time Apple and consumer technology journalist Walt Mossberg retiring

    The choice between working with Nilay Patel and an anonymous death lead to the expected result. Good choice, Walt :-)
  • Apple Inc. valuation now more than $134 billion greater than Alphabet's Google

    The question I have is... Are these search results pointing at Google manipulating search? Or correctly reflecting the fact that Alphabet surpassing Apple in market cap was reported by just about every clickbait site in existence, and the opposite by virtually no one?