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  • Watch: iPhone X vs. Galaxy S9 Plus battery life compared


    Choose the larger Galaxy device vs. medium sized iPhone
    the iPhone trounced the Galaxy on standby - we don't believe the results
    The Galaxy doesn't have a dark mode on YouTube (a google app) - compare using the standard mode
    The iPhone handily beats the Galaxy on graphics intensive gaming
    The Galaxy handily beats the iPhone on a nothing-like-real-world-battery-use-case Geekbench test that has the iPhone doing nearly 2x the CPU work since it's twice as fast and the test keeps either CPU at max throttle the whole time (also keep in mind that iPhones CPU/GPUs don't throttle performance over time due to heat nearly as much as most Androids) 

    AppleInsider conclusion? Galaxy device has "undoubtedly superior" "battery life, despite the size difference"

    Seems really biased. 

    First of all, it wouldn't be despite the size difference. If the iPhone were LARGER, it would be despite the size difference. Because it's the smaller of the two, the proper way to phrase that would have been something like "partially due to the size difference". Second of all, I would conclude based on those tests that the iPhone has better standby battery life, better gaming battery life, but also the ability to drain the smaller battery in extreme cases faster than the Samsung, which has a larger capacity battery that is generally used less efficiently but also has a less dynamic power draw capability... true battery life depends on the usage.

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  • Inside Apple's ARKit and Visual Inertial Odometry, new in iOS 11

    Accelerometers measure change in velocity (values can be integrated and combined with gyro data to measure change in position ). Relatively low error but error compounds over time.
    Gyroscopes meaure change in orientation. Relatively low error but it compounds when integrated over time and error drastically effects absolute position calculations.
    Compass measures fixed orientation relative to the earths magnetic field, which is weak and can be masked by nearby magnets and metals. Relatively high error but doesn’t increase with time and can be improved with calibration. Can be used to minimize/stop long term gyro error buildup through a computational feedback loop.
    GPS measures absolute position. Similar to compass, error is relatively high but doesn’t increase with time and can be used to manage smooth and accurate position tracking when incorporated into a feedback loop with the differential position data coming from accelerometer and gyroscope. Requires line of site with satellites (other tech required for indoors) Error should drastically reduce next year with new satellite network (and associated next gen receiver chips) coming online.
    Now, with VIO, camera data is incorporated into this feedback loop for even more smooth and exact output.
  • The new Mac mini is a great machine, but a $499 model could serve a larger audience

    The $500 model is coming. In fact, it could even be a $300 model. All apple has to do is take the AppleTV, put a newer chip in it like the A11 or A12X, then add more flash storage. Smaller, faster, cheaper (but only runs App Store/marzipan apps).
  • 6.5-inch iPhone X, 6.1-inch LCD iPhone in the works for late 2018 launch

    There is no way the TFT LCD will not have a chin (as represented in the mock-up). It can be cut for the notch, but it can't be bent around itself to hide the display controller at the bottom.
  • Apple TV 4K won't play 4K YouTube videos because of missing Google codec

    VP9 is fraught with patent liability as Google took a lot of the inventions in the MPEG standards and reverse engineered them up into a new codec and is giving it away for free. By having zero licensing fees due to this largely stolen open standard, and constant violations of copyright in their content library, this is how YouTube (and Google in general) makes a profitable business. Costs are so low because they copy IP/ software innovations and make them free to the end user (then monetize through ads). This is not news, folks. 4k/HDR on Youtube is a bit silly, though, since the quality of the content is generally garbage as well.
  • Analysts change tune, now say $1,000 Huawei Mate 20 Androids are a bargain

    " if Google's global brand and its expertise with Android and Chrome OS isn't enough to push out premium hardware, how will a bunch of failing licensees best known for bundling spyware on copycat hardware designs rival Apple?" Love it. On the fake media front, try not to conflate business/industry analysts for media. The analysts are the meat, media generally just communicates what analysts are saying and don't imply knowledge/strategy about the industry. When it comes to device reviews, tech media can definitely get fan-boyish, but they don't generally forecast Apple's doom on their own. It's the industry analysts that are providing the flawed arguments.
  • Jony Ive delayed Apple's AR headset project over design concerns

    Thank goodness he stuck around to keep it headed in the right direction as long as he did. The way this was written sounds like most of the sourcing came from those opposing Sir Ive, but despite that it’s clear they were way out of their depth if they thought a tethered Apple VR glasses project wouldn’t damage the Apple brand.
  • Inside watchOS 3: Apple Watch adds new iOS-style swipe-up Control Center

    Sadly it appears they didn't follow the new iOS10 control center convention of 3 different panels: 1 for commonly used functions, 1 for music control, and 1 for home control. It's a step in the right direction, but still will be out of sync with the latest iOS.