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  • Jony Ive delayed Apple's AR headset project over design concerns

    Thank goodness he stuck around to keep it headed in the right direction as long as he did. The way this was written sounds like most of the sourcing came from those opposing Sir Ive, but despite that it’s clear they were way out of their depth if they thought a tethered Apple VR glasses project wouldn’t damage the Apple brand.
  • The next HomeKit could have very precise geofencing, accurate to within feet

    This would be a pretty big differentiator from Alexa/Google home platforms. Especially if the local geolocating constantly happened on your apple watch or iPhone and you could trigger specific actions to automatically happen whenever you entered or left a particular room (I know that's not exactly what this patent is, but it's very similar).
  • The new Mac mini is a great machine, but a $499 model could serve a larger audience

    The $500 model is coming. In fact, it could even be a $300 model. All apple has to do is take the AppleTV, put a newer chip in it like the A11 or A12X, then add more flash storage. Smaller, faster, cheaper (but only runs App Store/marzipan apps).
  • Comparing the redesigned 11-inch iPad Pro versus 2017's 10.5-inch model

    I’m using my new iPad Pro now and I’m surprised over how no one is mentioning that with the lack of home button, the auto layout and home bar actually make for a shorther screen when used in landscape. Also, until fulllscreen game apps are updated, they don’t make use of the extra width and actually shrink down to make room for the home bar. Some games are essentially unusable compared to the older iPad Pro; PUBG plays with native screen resolution and beautiful graphics at 60Hz or greater on the old IPad, whereas this new one is forced to one of the lowest graphics settings and scaled down resolution. It’s really bad. Temporary, but bad.
  • Comparing photography: iPhone XS Max versus Google Pixel 3 XL

    This is definitely a hot take given how committed (nearly) everyone on the internet is to the Pixel Camera. I think the review video is really balanced and honest. Both cameras take great shots, but I think the 56mm framing of the portrait lens is a very important feature that few reviewers discuss much whereas the wide angle lens on the pixels front is nice but daaamn it produces some seriously squished faces. Pixel is better at low light, no doubt. I don’t think this is due to hardware, just they’ve put more attention to their software algorithms for low light cases.