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  • If you use Google Chrome on your Mac, update it right now

    mercel said:
    Seriously, who’s dumb enough to use Google spyware on their Mac?  😂 
    And if you need Chrome installed just use Chromium. It’s the open source base Chrome is built on. It’s missing all of Google’s tracking junk.
  • CVS continues Apple Pay snub, launches barcode-based 'CVS Pay'

    I loved ApplePay when it first came out. As things would happen, I was late paying my American Express bill. The card use was suspended for a few days. AP said the card could no longer be used as it was no longer valid. I waited two weeks after my card was working again and my AP still reported the card invalid. Well, darn. I sure don't need to fiddle with my phone when my credit card is right here in my hand. 

    Apple is is making money with Apple Pay. It's not a free service. It should work properly and efficiently. I am sure others have had the same issue. Hey, I keep asking why the Contacts app doesn't have familiarity fill-in? So, bottom line, if AP works for you that's nice. For me it's clunky and not worth the bother. I still have to carry my credit cards. OK, I'm used to it.

    With all due respect you were more than just a little late paying your bill if they suspended your card usage. You'd have to be months late. Amex don't even suspend card usage on their charge cards if you are late paying your bill. Amex was likely beginning the process of shutting your account down and sending you to collections at that point. This sounds more like an issue on Amex's end than a problem with Apple Pay.
  • Apple ditching plans for Israeli store after rejections by mall owners

    jbdragon said:
    I have to say, this is just more of Apple looking greedy. Apple is making a ton of money and doing that at the expense of everyone else. If Apple wanted to rent or build someplace, I'd do a 50% markup Apple Tax to Apple.
    Apple singlehandedly drives substantial foot traffic to places their retail stores are located so they can demand these kind of concessions. There are reportedly some malls here in this US that are kept afloat entirely by the customers the Apple Store brings; and without the Apple Stores these malls would likely have to close. 
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  • Star Micronics announces first AirPrint-certified point-of-sale receipt printer

    Soli said:
    Huh. For some reason I assumed these existed soon after using iPads and terminals happened. I guess I never really thought about it. I'm glad someone did.
    Some other payment systems have supported their own receipt printing methods. Square, for instance, has supported receipt printing with their iPad POS register system for years. In fact, the printer included with the Sqaure kit is made by this same company.
  • Apple begins selling 18W USB-C power adapter separately for iPhones & iPads

    tht said:
    mbenz1962 said:
    Peter H said:
    I thought you needed an adapter 29W or higher to fast charge a compatible iPhone?   This article from Apple does not include a 18W adapter as a recommended charger.
    The lists of supported devices for the 30W and the 18W chargers are the same. I would guess Apple will be updating the kb article you posted in due time. What would be nice is if AI could repeat their Fast-charging tests with this new charger to see if there is a significant difference in charging times with the 18W vs the 30W. I can’t imagine there would be a big difference for the phone, but maybe for the iPads Pro. I would also like to see data for the gen 6 iPad; even though it doesn’t offer fast-charging it may get some improvement over the included 10W charger.
    iPhone 8 and X models draw 12.48 W (5.2V at 2.4A). iPhone Plus models going back to the 6S Plus could draw about 10 W. So, if you want to go biggest bang for your money, you can get a 10W USBA charger for less than $10.

    ”Fast charging” is just a vacuous name companies and media use to say that this or that device can draw more power than the traditional USBA specification of 5 W (5V at 1A). Charging bricks have to be able to supply that right amps and volts to support whatever the device expects. In the case of the 18 W and 29 W, etc, USBC charging bricks, they have multiple output power that they can deliver. 5.2V x 2.4A = 12.5 W will be one of them, and that is what modern iPhones will use. iPads and Macs will use the higher output levels from Apple’s charging bricks, that correspond to the max draw of those devices.

    Ie, an iPad won’t be drawing 60 W from Apple’s bigger charging bricks, just whatever the max an iPad can take, which is probably 18W for 2018 iPad Pros.
    When using USB-C lightning cables iPhones starting with the 8 and X support 5v/3a for 15w and 9v/2a for 18w charging. 
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  • Target may be ready to concede and enable Apple Pay at retail

    dipdog3 said:
    Their current painful solution, Walmart Pay, tries to offer convenience for using a debit card, which is not subject to the high prices of credit cards

    Your statement is wrong. You can use a credit card with Walmart Pay, do it all the time.

    It’s also not a “painful” solution. It’s somewhere in between using a physical credit card and Apple Pay.

    The biggest issue with Walmart Pay is that you have to open up the Walmart app & click on Walmart Pay to use it. Once you scan the QR code, it’s actually faster than Apple Pay. On the positive side, all of your receipts are stored in the app, so saves paper and makes for easy returns.
    Have you actually ever used Apple Pay? Because there is no possible way the scenario you just described with Wal-Mart pay is quicker than Apple Pay. I use Apple Pay on the daily bases. Once you tap your phone/watch, the transaction is completed in less than a second. 
  • iPhone XS LTE speeds up to 266 percent faster than iPhone X, early test reveals

    Are people in here really that clueless? Yes you may get faster speeds in your area with whatever phone you have. This is a comparison of the old phone and the new phones in the same location. Posting all your speed tests are meaningless until you post the same speed test with the new phones.
  • Surfer retrieves working Apple Watch six months after losing it in the ocean

    I just want to say this story is a great reminder that there are good people in this world, even with all the chaos and anger that fills the news. Kudos to the guy who found it and called.
    I’m curious as to how you find out the contact info from just the watch? I guess maybe when he marked it as lost in iCloud that made it to the watch and it put his contact info on the screen after the guy that found it presumably charged it and powered it on.

    Edit: I just tested lost mode with my watch and it does indeed put your phone number and a customizable message on the watch screen. I guess the watch must have connected to a public hotspot when the guy found it, otherwise I don’t know how it would have gotten lost mode turned on. Presumably if he had the cellular version it would have been deactivated on his cell phone plan and it appears the lost mode has to be turned on via a connection to the internet, not a Bluetooth connection to the phone.
  • Apple's Mac spotted in viral image with black hole researcher

    The photo of the black hole next to this photo of
    Katie should be published on the front page of every newspaper and news site in the country. I think it would be a big inspiration for young girls in this country to see and hopefully inspire some of them to want to go into the STEM fields.
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  • UK blames Apple for issues with iOS 'Brexit' app over lack of iPhone NFC access

    mr lizard said:
    Predictable response from a UK government department; blame others for their own failure to design correct something within a stated framework. Much like how this government insists that it’s the EU’s job to flex their position to accommodate something the UK voted for.

    Looking forward to the day Scotland frees itself from this ageing, dysfunctional, backward looking kingdom. 
    Don’t the Brits own a large chunk of land in Scotland and just let them sit there and rot?
    I saw a show years ago in PBS that showed a lot of places that were unkept and the local residents said that Brits owned them and don’t bother to even visit. 
    Wait, what?

    Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. Citizens of the United Kingdom are called British. What you just said was the equivalent of saying ‘don’t the Americans own a large chunk of land in Nevada?’