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  • Apple Pay coming to NYC transit in July, NFL in time for regular season

    rwes said:
    apple ][ said:
    I wonder how it'll work. Can I purchase a metrocard for my Apple Watch and just use that whenever I walk through a turnstile? I hope so.
    Probably tie in with the MetroCard replacement, OMNY.

    Timeline (source:

    MetroCard phase out timeline:

    —Late May, 2019: Initial pilot on Lexington Avenue line and Staten Island Buses

    —2019: Incorporate payments via digital wallets, like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay

    —Fall 2019: OMNY account management live on new MTA website and phone app

    —December 2020: OMNY readers launch at all subway stations and bus routes

    —February 2021: OMNY cards launch, on sale at local retailers

    —February 2021: Launch OMNY/eTix 2.0 for Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North

    —Late 2021: Incorporate other transit networks in region

    —2022: Install 2,180 OMNY vending card machines in MTA stations

    —2023: Retire MetroCard

    I can’t wait for Apple Pay and OMNY.

    There is one big annoyance though. You swipe your Metrocard for each turnstile on the right since most people are right handed. So the NFC reader is going on the right of each turnstile as well. However most people who are right handed wear their watch on their left wrist. That means if you want to pay with an Apple Watch instead of your phone you’ve got to do some awkward turn sideways and stretch your arm to the other side maneuver to get close enough to the reader.
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  • Editorial: If Apple wants to get serious with Apple TV+, shedding the 'clean' image would ...

    I just want Apple to invest in good content. Unfortunately some have decided that good is only synonymous with sex, violence and language. Now I’m not arguing that programming Apple invests in should only be PG Disney type stuff but I don’t think a show is less worthy of being good because it’s not rated TV-MA. Sometimes I’ll be watching a show on HBO and think they’re throwing around the f-word like crazy just because they can not because it makes the show better. Just invest in good programming Apple.
    It could also be because that is just how some people talk and that is who the writers are trying to portray. The issue is people only notice when people use what they personally consider “excessive” language, not when people don’t use “excessive” language. No one thinks to themselves “they used exactly the right amount of ‘fucks’ when writing that dialog.”
  • Editorial: If Apple wants to get serious with Apple TV+, shedding the 'clean' image would ...

    The premise of this article is the exact opposite of how the market for film/TV entertainment actually works. 'R' rated material is not the most popular with consumers in terms of sales. 'PG-13' or below is the typical goal for the broadest sales appeal. That's why the overwhelming majority of films that are considered to have blockbuster potential are not 'R' rated. 
    That’s because the market for feature films operates totally differently. It’s dependent on people paying for each individual film. Plus, as a legacy of people previously being so uptight about sex and language, and to some extent violence, in the media, there is typically strict enforcement of the age limits at theaters.

    If movies theaters were a subscription and the box office and the person that rips your tickets didn’t exist to act as gatekeepers I guarantee R would be the most popular rating. Writers and directors have complained for decades about being forced by studios to write and direct for a certain MPAA rating rather than strictly their creative vision. That is why you see so many stars, writers and directors doing TV these days. Because Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, etc. give them the creative freedom they seek without and “notes” and limitations from the network or studio. 
  • Surfer retrieves working Apple Watch six months after losing it in the ocean

    I just want to say this story is a great reminder that there are good people in this world, even with all the chaos and anger that fills the news. Kudos to the guy who found it and called.
    I’m curious as to how you find out the contact info from just the watch? I guess maybe when he marked it as lost in iCloud that made it to the watch and it put his contact info on the screen after the guy that found it presumably charged it and powered it on.

    Edit: I just tested lost mode with my watch and it does indeed put your phone number and a customizable message on the watch screen. I guess the watch must have connected to a public hotspot when the guy found it, otherwise I don’t know how it would have gotten lost mode turned on. Presumably if he had the cellular version it would have been deactivated on his cell phone plan and it appears the lost mode has to be turned on via a connection to the internet, not a Bluetooth connection to the phone.
  • Apple's Mac spotted in viral image with black hole researcher

    The photo of the black hole next to this photo of
    Katie should be published on the front page of every newspaper and news site in the country. I think it would be a big inspiration for young girls in this country to see and hopefully inspire some of them to want to go into the STEM fields.
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