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  • Surfer retrieves working Apple Watch six months after losing it in the ocean

    I just want to say this story is a great reminder that there are good people in this world, even with all the chaos and anger that fills the news. Kudos to the guy who found it and called.
    I’m curious as to how you find out the contact info from just the watch? I guess maybe when he marked it as lost in iCloud that made it to the watch and it put his contact info on the screen after the guy that found it presumably charged it and powered it on.

    Edit: I just tested lost mode with my watch and it does indeed put your phone number and a customizable message on the watch screen. I guess the watch must have connected to a public hotspot when the guy found it, otherwise I don’t know how it would have gotten lost mode turned on. Presumably if he had the cellular version it would have been deactivated on his cell phone plan and it appears the lost mode has to be turned on via a connection to the internet, not a Bluetooth connection to the phone.
  • Apple ditching plans for Israeli store after rejections by mall owners

    jbdragon said:
    I have to say, this is just more of Apple looking greedy. Apple is making a ton of money and doing that at the expense of everyone else. If Apple wanted to rent or build someplace, I'd do a 50% markup Apple Tax to Apple.
    Apple singlehandedly drives substantial foot traffic to places their retail stores are located so they can demand these kind of concessions. There are reportedly some malls here in this US that are kept afloat entirely by the customers the Apple Store brings; and without the Apple Stores these malls would likely have to close. 
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  • If you use Google Chrome on your Mac, update it right now

    mercel said:
    Seriously, who’s dumb enough to use Google spyware on their Mac?  😂 
    And if you need Chrome installed just use Chromium. It’s the open source base Chrome is built on. It’s missing all of Google’s tracking junk.
  • Apple may have been paid $9.5B by Google in 2018 to stay default Safari search option

    On its own, Apple’s payout from Google would be a Fortune 300 company and its margins are literally 100%. 
  • Jailbreaking takes a hit as Cydia "app store" shutters

    noraa1138 said:
    Sad, but hardly surprising. The latest iOS to be jailbroken was 11.4 beta 3 - and that actually only happened recently. The likely hood of iOS 12 being jailbroken at this point is fairly slim, and it certainly isn't going to happen any time soon. For better or worse, jailbreaking isn't nearly as necessary as it was in iOS' early days. Apple has added a number of features that were popularized by various jailbreak tweaks, and for the vast majority of users it simply isn't worth the hassle and security implications that come with jailbreaking.
    I haven’t jailbroken my iPhone since iPhoneOS 1 but as you mentioned, Apple pulled some features popularized from the jailbreak universe. Probably most notably the first major overhaul of the notification system which serves as the foundation of notifications to this day. I do worry that maybe without the jailbreak community it will negatively impact the future of iOS by cutting off a a well of ideas.