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  • Microsoft says that if Apple isn't stopped now, its antitrust behavior will just get worse...

    Are their alternative Xbox stores? Can I side load games onto my Xbox?
  • Editorial: Mac Pro puts the pedal to Metal in Apple's race with Nvidia

    Someone pointed out that 'internet experts' would get in here and point out all of Apple's 'mistakes'...And they are here. Thanks internet... I'm amazed at some readers misunderstandings of the article being demonstrated here.

    1- Apple doesn't make Mac Pros for gamers to play games on. If you are looking to spend your time playing games - the VAST majority of humans use a mobile device now. If you are still interested in an X-Box or Playstation, welcome to 2003. I don't even know that many kids who care about consoles. 25 year old's, 30 year olds, maybe. But I wouldn't bet my future on console gaming.

    2- The Mac Pro is leveraging technology for professionals in various markets, like film and TV production where the editor or whomever (SPFX Sup., animation pipeline ETC) doesn't game on their work hardware. They tend to do work on it.

    3- I don't think Apple is looking to become a defecto game development platform nor does it care about the 80% of PC games that no one plays for more than 6 months. if they can leverage some development from iOS to the Mac, I can see why they would like that and how it would benefit them.

    4- The article was well written and researched. I'm an old fart - was at GDC's back in the early 2000's and Macworlds (1995 first one I attended in person) back then too. Apple doesn't focus on games on the Mac. They NEVER have - even when they sort-of-seemed-to. I've listened to 'gamer on mac' arguments for like 25 years. If gaming is the thing that motivates your technology buying, then don't buy a Mac. You have choices.

    Anyway, I think Apple is doing what Apple has always done. Creating a platform of integrated elements that can't be beat for what they target. Please buy some Surface and Windows machines if you don't like the Mac offerings. They are there for you. But bitc**** about the Mac Pro because it won't game the way you want seems pretty silly. But if you work in media you can at least appreciate the specs of the machine and you'd have to admit, nothing else comes close right now.
  • IAC CEO says Apple is 'worse' than Google, likely the next antitrust target

    This guy is a piece of work. He's speaking from SELF INTEREST not the interest of the public. 

    Read his 'Bio'

    A guy who has done nothing for anybody except run internet scams. Invented - nothing. Created - nothing but middlemen who feed of true inovators.

    Ugh. Stupidity is contagious. Define a monopoly exactly and legally in how it applies to Apple, and only Apple apparently. 
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  • Senate lawmakers introduce bill targeting Apple App Store, Google Play

    Here come the idiots…They ignore the monopoly Straus oil companies have enjoyed for 70 years and go after app market places. They ignore the monopoly status of cable providers, the consolidation of media markets and go after…app stores. 
  • Judge blocks Trump plan to ban TikTok on Nov. 12

    wood1208 said:
    USA, the great country to live in. Screw it for your benefit and law sides with you against the highest authority of country. Now I am confident, with Chinese political structure, China will be super power controlling world economy and no one will be able to challenge their military superiority.
    Ahhh, That makes no sense. But I'm glad you're sharing your rather paranoid disconnected train of thoughts with the readers here. Again I'd ask you read about the case, see that the app offered no threats, no real threats, and then realize it was being used as a political pawn by the Federal Government that is run by Trump - who does plenty of business with China. Again, read about the real issues. There are serious issues but taking this to the an extreme doesn't help the debate.
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  • Epic CEO Tim Sweeney grilled on platform agreements, V-Bucks

    What a tool. Companies that dare to make a profit on something should then have to give access to his company for free. But if you sell your hardware at a loss - you can do what you ant for fees and charging. That's a well thought out legal point...

    Fortnite means a lot to the under 12 crowd. So I guess it's there parents who are happy the day is off iOS for now.

  • Epic Games CEO says Apple suit is about 'basic freedoms,' calls Apple a middleman

    Another baby man believing he’s entitled to anything he wants.
  • Samsung exec says Galaxy Fold finally 'ready to hit the market'

    avon b7 said:

    So Apple gets a media storm, memes, countless hate videos for less than 1% bent iPhones while Samsung gets away with 100% defected bent phones that break?

    No. In a word.

    Samsung didn't ship any and 100% didn't break. Also, if they are near ready to launch it is probably that the fixes were minor. Probably important but minor.

    We'll now have to wait for the new official date.

    Still a PR disaster but the phone itself might not be as much of a hardware failure as some thought. When it reaches users, we'll know soon enough.
    It's a disaster in every way. But I love that you think it's somehow a good thing that they can't make a decent shipping product. I don't know why Samsung would have a Fanboy - but it's nice to meet you.
  • Apple rejecting apps is unfair competition, declare rejected app developers

    Walmart won't carry my shirt, they are ANIT COMPETITIVE!  Ford won't use my break pads! They are a MONOPOLY! And X-Box won't play Playstation games! UNFAIR! They don't seem to understand the words they use. What they want is - everything their way. It's not their store. I keep asking The Gap to carry my pants, but they refuse too. 
  • iOS 14 leaks sprung from Apple's supply chain, distributed & sold on social media

    My guess is with all the tension between the countries that some in China may feel that 'sticking' it to Apple is a patriotic duty. The future for tech looks very confusing. It may be that countries only use and manufacture in country for devices or some such thing. This is rather ridiculous (will raise cost and delay progress) but it doesn't seem out of the question.