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  • Microsoft hammered with $29 billion back-tax bill

    mayfly said:
    Well, I guess my immutable law of government still applies:
    "If we see a pile of money, we're entitled to wet our beaks in it!"

    I hope one day that the IRS sees fit to take action against a proven tax cheat, the don of a multigenerational organized crime family. One who has claimed to have earned billions, but paid no federal taxes in 10 out of 15 years starting in 1995. And only $750 in 2016 and 2017.
    There's a more reasonable assumption - that they didn't pay their taxes. I've been through this before and the soliton will be far less than what's proposed. But they likely have classification issues with write downs and property. 
  • Apple's headset success depends on ecosystem integration

    I don't see any wide consumer appeal at this time. Unless Apple really has something surprising. It may also be more age dependent. I'm old (how did that happen!?) and it seems very uninteresting to me. But perhaps a younger demo. is more excited about wearing them. I don't know. But it'll be fun to see what exactly they are trying to do with it.
  • Microsoft's $68.7 billion Activision buy has been killed by UK regulators

    I don't think the UK can kill this deal. It's just an opinion (I mean one countries opinion). Since so many other territories have already said it's OK. Not sure what happens next but the EU has not weighed in yet and in the U.S. it's not clear it will be pushed against. 
  • Apple continuing full-court press against retail unionization efforts

    Unions are the single most important thing that happened to labor in the history of…well labor. To blow off how they help is simply ignorance of the history of working people in the US. Apple is simply playing the the age old game of - let’s pay as little as we can. Which is to be expected. But then workers also have the right to organize to counter the owners. Sometimes unions make mistakes, but guess what, private companies make mistakes too. But ignoring the value that labor unions have brought to workers is short sighted. Any history of the U.S. would demonstrate the value of labor unions.
  • Peloton appoints new CEO, announces layoffs of 2,800 employees

    Going public is OFTEN more or less a con. In this case it's a case study for the corruption and ridiculousness of the entire 'going public' system. A bunch of folks get a bunch of money and run, (where is this wealth created? What is the bases of the value?) then the company, never a great idea and it has now expanded and is burning huge bundles of cash (again - this cash is coming from where and why?) is faced with reality. A huge amount of money's been drained, the folks who could have sold their stock and soon a husk will be sold to some investment bank who will mash anything of value out of it, again taking the money off the top. Scam on top of scam. Employees and customers are afterthoughts. The system is a mess and creates more harm than good. But whatever. Everyone seems content to pretend it's not a scam especially if they can get in on it.