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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook says globalization is 'great for the world' in China speech

    Sigh.  Nothing like verifying Americans can be as parochial as any Ukrainian kulak, Mongolian herder or UK Midlands Brexiteer.  I figured out there's more to gain for our species when I decided I'm a citizen of Earth -- not a city or state, clan or ethnicity.  Old fashioned enough to understand I have more in common with folks working to feed themselves and family, advance lifestyles with better health and education - in any other nation - than I might ever wish to have with the politicians, pundits and profiteers running economic life in my home patch.

    That was over 60 years ago.  Never voted for creeps like Nixon, Reagan or Trump.  Rarely encountered leading Democrats "on my side" for longer than an election cycle or two.  The leaders of many of the trade unions I joined and worked to improve were often as easily bought off by useless promises and/or dollar$ as any state politician.  At the same time, I was fortunate enough to march alongside women and men of all colors and convictions with lifetime commitments to change.  Ready to risk their lives in dissent.  Just as ready to understand solidarity is as global as shares in software startups and likely to be more rewarding to an ethical conscience.

    Yup.  Long-winded as ever.  Just saying, look over your country's favorite wall, your neighborhood's barrio boundary, you might discover some enjoyable new food for your belly - or heart and mind.
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  • UK's GCHQ, U.S. officials cast doubt on iCloud server spy chip report

    I forget the name of the dweebs Bloomberg often relies on for anti-Chinese corporate stuff.  …"China Labor something-or-other". First time I read one of their releases, I did a search on the group's history. They turned to be - originally - funded by the Brits to try to stop the return of Hong Kong to China provenance when their Imperial-era 99-year lease ran out.

    Funding by the Brits dried up. So, they re-jiggered their "mandate" and switched over to the old network of warlord historians and cold warriors in the GOUSA. Issuing crap press releases most often about Apple subcontractors is pretty much how they earn their stipend.
  • Apple sued over iPhone's alleged role in EgyptAir flight 804 crash

    There are no limits to human greed.
  • Editorial: More companies need to temper their Artificial Intelligence with authentic ethi...

    “Authentic ethics” in a nation where education has been going downhill for over 60 years - is about as useful as “thoughts and prayers”.
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  • Mizuho analysts suggest 2019 iPhones will 'lack novelty' for consumers

    Had a couple of longterm careers in sales before I retired. Never set out to be a shark. Success among my peers was sufficient and rewarding. I enjoyed studying the craft and, honestly, I can't recall "novelty" ever pressed as a critical virtue of any products or services I sold into any market.

    Mizuho's analysis sounds more like maundering from a critic of children's TV.
  • After two months, Apple TV+ lacks a breakout hit

    The "Servant" absolutely rocks with talented writing, direction, acting. Worthy of peer recognition and awards.  Just about the only item in the streaming universe with a day/date release schedule that governs my watching.  Required viewing.  Very likely, re-viewing once the season ends and we're waiting for the next.
  • US lawmaker asks Apple if it requires apps like TikTok to disclose foreign affiliation

    Always warms the cockles of your heart to witness liberals and conservatives sharing the same values: bigotry, opportunism, hypocrisy.
  • Apple's Crash Detection saves another life: mine

    After reading this article, first thing I did was check my watch to see where I might add relevant notes.  Especially, contacting my wife.  Apple, of course, has already taken care of that!

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  • Developers talk about being 'Sherlocked' as Apple uses them 'for market research'

    Learn what the meaning of "marketplace" really is.  Quit whining.  Get back to work!  Thomson certainly understands this.
  • Hands On: iPad Air 4's display, Touch ID change pushes the line forward

    Back from grocery shopping - and an email dropped from UPS just after 9AM...they'll be delivering tomorrow, Monday...by 9PM blah, blah, usual disclaimer.  So, it wasn't broken or stolen.  We're near the end of any run; so, I guess I can stop being pissed-off some time after supper, tomorrow night.