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  • How to play anything on your HomePod, including vinyl records, with Airfoil and a Mac

    Airfoil is a fantastic app.  I bought it last year and my only regret is not buying it a long time ago.

    For me, the best thing about Airfoil is that it has support for Applescript - which means - you can automate it in all kinds of ways.

    I created a simple Applescript app that turns on the Wemo connected to the amp for my stereo and starts streaming iTunes to those speakers. And when the Applescript app quits, the Wemo gets turned off and iTunes switches back to playing on my Mac.  Then, I created another Applescript to toggle the Wemo-stereo app and I assigned it to a hotkey at Option F10.  So, Option F10 turns on my stereo and starts streaming if it's off, and it turns it off & stops streaming if it's already on.  And since that Applescript app is an app, it means I have an app icon in my dock when my stereo is on.  For me, that's really handy as a reminder to turn it off when I'm not using it (by quitting the app).

    Airfoil is awesome.  It's definitely worth its price.
  • Philips adds new HomeKit-compatible Hue lights, puts more bulbs in Starter Kits

    If you like to code, you can do all sorts of great things with the Philips Hue API. For example, I use the function keys on my Mac to control my lights. I also paired my Hue up with a Flirc USB dongle. Flirc receives IR codes from remotes and translates them to user definable hotkeys... thus ...with Hue, Flirc, and a bit of code, you can set up a universal remote to control your lights in all kinds of ways. Granted, the Hue Dimmer Switch is actually a remote and it looks like it's pretty great, but it didn't exist back in 2013 when I created my setup.
  • If you don't want to delete your Facebook account, here's how to cut back

    Another easy way to cut back on Facebook:


    After a while, we get so used to our bookmarks being organized in a certain way that we browse the web without even thinking about it.  Rearrange your bookmarks a bit.  It'll help you get out of the habit of browsing facebook because you'll open the folder where that bookmark should be and it won't be there...  and you'll remember why you moved it (or even deleted it) in the first place.
  • A decade later, ad team behind iconic 'Get a Mac' campaign recounts development & production

    I wish we could see the ads that didn't make it on the air. That campaign was fantastic.
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  • Review: Hue Smart Plug is another capable HomeKit-enabled outlet

    If Philips wrote an API for this that's as user friendly as the API for their light bulbs, then these will be my next smart plugs.

    The Hue API is outstanding.  It's open and well documented.
  • Apple debuts $159 AirPods wireless earbuds with W1 wireless chip, 5 hours of battery life

    The fact that the earpods hold 5 hours of charge and the case holds 24 hours of charge, and both can be charged at the same time... that's brilliant. My only worry is about how easy it'll be to lose one of them. At one point during the presentation, Phil showed another product ( a sports earbuds thing?) where the two sides were connected by a short wire. For individual earpieces, that seems smart. I assume a future generation of Earpods will have some sort of GPS so that if you lose one, your iPhone can find it.