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  • Huawei cloning Apple parts, rewarding employees for tech theft

    MacPro said:
    No different to Google really, didn't those programmers that created Android v2 (i.e. the one they rushed out to copy iOS after they dropped their Blackberry knock off) get paid?  Those programmers being paid was a reward for tech theft just as much.
    Exactly. Huawei is copying everyone. They are the new Samsung. Samsung copied everyone for many years. Android is unabashed copy. Windows was a copy of MacOS. Sure, Huawei is a little more James Bond about it, but Apple has been the target of IP theft for decades. 

    It's always made me laugh when the haters bash everything Apple and then use clones of Apple products. It's like they are trying to clown themselves. 
  • Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell to support HomeKit Secure Video at launch, indoor & outdoor c...

    Hope Netatmo actually moves on adding support this time. For basic HomeKit support it took them over a year to add support from when they first announced it.
  • Apple's first million HomePods now shipping from Inventec - report

    jsmythe00 said:
    Glad they are back on schedule. Sadly though, I don't see this product being successful. I think they priced themselves out the market. 

    I don't get apple sometimes. Airpods are GREAT. What made them even greater is they priced them extremely compettitve. Same with the iPad. Apple watch was slightly overpriced. But this...it's a crippled device at premium price. 

    Fix the price and allow third party music 
    Agreed. While HomeKit in and of itself seems to be making good inroads with accessory makers, the price of this thing will not help. At this point, now that the market is starting to shake out, ubiquity will be key to driving more 3rd party devices being added. In expensive options from Google and Amazon will drive their ubiquity. Apple has gone in exactly the opposite direction, which may not hurt their sales amongst the faithful, but won't increase their numbers explosively either, which the others have as an advantage for their platforms. Seems like hubris to price a speaker at this price.Might be a great speaker and well worth every penny, but it won't grow the base for HomeKit expansion. 
  • Google rebrands cloud storage services as Google One with cheaper plans, extra benefits

    If you have a paid account, does Google still assume they have the right to scan/read/peruse your information?
  • Three iPhones likely coming in Sept. 2019, with one a refresh of the LCD iPhone XR

    Hope they don't think another 20% hike in prices will help stimulate sales. 
  • Used Google Nest cameras connected to the Wink hub are spying on users [u]

    People were freaking out about the Group FaceTime bug and it was plastered all over the news. Let’s see what the reaction to this is, which seems like it could be much worse and more privacy invading. 
    This is way worse in that you have no idea strangers are watching you while with the FaceTime bug at least your phone rang. Also, with the FT bug, even if someone did use it, chances are very slim that your phone would be positioned to be watching you are anything of interest, with chances being high that if you weren't actively using the phone (and therefore aware FT was running) then it would be in your pocket or purse or sitting on a desk viewing the ceiling or desktop. On the other hand, the cameras would be intentionally focusing on a view of you and your home.

    This won't make news. Every single google product and service is designed as spyware and to put users under surveillance. People have either accepted that they are always being spied on with google or their cognitive dissonance doesn't allow them to acknowledge it. Either way, it becomes a non story.
  • Apple's work on circular screens could lead to round-face Apple Watch

    Rayz2016 said:

    Sounds like a lot of complexity and a lot of compromises.  
    Yup. There is a good reason we don't use round smart phone, TVs and monitors. Round displays are not optimal for for most/all media types, but especially for text over one or two words. 
  • Used Google Nest cameras connected to the Wink hub are spying on users [u]

    TomE said:
    Made in China ?

    But designed in Mountain View. Hence the spying.
  • Former Apple retail head Ahrendts says worker retention hit almost 89% under her watch

    High retention rates are not a good thing when you’ve reduced the criteria for hiring. You’re stuck with the mediocre.
  • Apple's VR headset: What to expect and what it will look like

    cg27 said:
    Can’t wait for my first live sighting of someone walking around with these goggles, along with AirPods Max, AppleWatch, and an iPhone in hand.  Welcome to the next ten years.  At least the folks driving around Florida with their strongly tinted goggles will feel right at home.
    If they are any type of large goggle, I have to imagine they will be almost exclusively targeted at games and maybe some very narrow niches. Apple would hype them as broadly useful in everyday life, but almost no one is going to walk down the street, meet with friends in public or sit at their desk at work wearing these. Google glassholes were mocked enough, imagine how much worse it would be for a much of goggle wearers.

    Other rumours claim Apple wants them to replace the iphone. I just don’t see any way goggles replace something you have with you that is accessible and usable at all times.