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  • Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell to support HomeKit Secure Video at launch, indoor & outdoor c...

    Hope Netatmo actually moves on adding support this time. For basic HomeKit support it took them over a year to add support from when they first announced it.
  • Three iPhones likely coming in Sept. 2019, with one a refresh of the LCD iPhone XR

    Hope they don't think another 20% hike in prices will help stimulate sales. 
  • Apple's first million HomePods now shipping from Inventec - report

    jsmythe00 said:
    Glad they are back on schedule. Sadly though, I don't see this product being successful. I think they priced themselves out the market. 

    I don't get apple sometimes. Airpods are GREAT. What made them even greater is they priced them extremely compettitve. Same with the iPad. Apple watch was slightly overpriced. But this...it's a crippled device at premium price. 

    Fix the price and allow third party music 
    Agreed. While HomeKit in and of itself seems to be making good inroads with accessory makers, the price of this thing will not help. At this point, now that the market is starting to shake out, ubiquity will be key to driving more 3rd party devices being added. In expensive options from Google and Amazon will drive their ubiquity. Apple has gone in exactly the opposite direction, which may not hurt their sales amongst the faithful, but won't increase their numbers explosively either, which the others have as an advantage for their platforms. Seems like hubris to price a speaker at this price.Might be a great speaker and well worth every penny, but it won't grow the base for HomeKit expansion. 
  • Apple emphasizes again that Touch ID for iPhone X was never an option, company all-in on F...

    tulkas said:
    The more every statement from the company, include John Gruber, uses the same "all-in on face ID" mantra, the more it sounds like they are pushing a scripted narrative. I at least hope the PR machine is trying to convince the outside world instead of inside Apple that they really were all in. Either way, they are actively trying to convince someone that they were "all in". They are all-in on this script. They are all in on the narrative. They are all in on the storyline. 
    Conspiracy nonsense. Gruber is no more a spokesperson for apple than DED is - gruber didn’t even get an early review unit until yesterday, unlike many others. 

    I don’t doubt that Apple execs are using the same talking point tho, which is why you see it. There’s no ulterior motive tho, other than the fact that prepared talking points are harder to screw up when talking off the cuff during interviews. That’s why it’s done. 
    There no conspiracy, beyond prepared scripts, as you acknowledge.

    Gruber may not be paid but it’s silly to try to pretend he’s not a mouthpiece for Apple. He’s clearly reading from the same “prepared talking points”, even using the same idioms. The difference is that he read the script first and now Apple execs are casually trying insert the same phrasing into their pieces. Remaining “independent” is far more lucrative for Gruber. 
  • Apple to give away Beats Solo3 headphones for Chinese New Year in select Asian markets

    boredumb said:
    Conversely, when I purchased my 7plus a few days ago in Santa Barbara, CA,
    I not only didn't get anything free, they wouldn't even let me use ApplePay to purchase it!
    I feel slighted...
    Exactly. When I bought my sim-free 7 Plus, the only thing I got was my 7 Plus. Free wireless headphones would have been nice. Especially with how expensive the phones are in Canada...