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  • How to secure AirDrop on your iPhone to prevent unwanted photos on the subway

    In my experience, even if it's set to "Everyone", you're prompted "Accept" or "Decline" when someone tries to send. Photos and files don't just appear - you have to accept them.
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  • What to do when your Lightning cable won't charge your iPhone or iPad

    A wooden toothpick is a good tool too. More effective than a Q-tip.
  • Apple One fails to solve issues with multiple Apple IDs

    I tend to be the "tech support" person for Apple stuff amongst my friends and relatives and an ongoing frustration is the confusion they get into with the Apple IDs.

    More than a few of them now have iPhones, and typically from carriers rather than the Apple Store. If they don't have an existing AppleID, the store typically creates a "branded" one for them, such as "[email protected]". 

    That's OK until Jane decides that she wants to switch to, say, T-Mobile at which point her email account disappears. But You can't change an AppleID, so she is stuck with AppleID [email protected] for FaceTime and Messages, but email is [email protected]  Friends get really weirded out by this.

    In some instances you can keep the old email even though you've switched carriers, but in other cases you can't. The case I have in mind is where my friend had Verizon land-line and an iPhone (with AppleID [email protected]). He moved house and transferred the landline, but VZ had no cell coverage so he switched to AT&T. Still no problem. But a year or so later Verizon sold their landline business in that region to Frontier, and there was NO possibility to retain the email. 

    tl;dr - when setting up a friend who's new to iPhone, MAKE SURE that they create an AppleID AND the [free] email address that matches it. It doesn't have to be their primary, they don't have to switch, but they should ALWAYS have the iCloud ID available.
  • Facing challenges from FBI, Apple vows to strengthen encryption even further

    Anyone who believes this case is about terrorism just isn't paying attention. The FBI doesn't need the contents of this phone - they already have a few-weeks-old version and it's most unlikely that there's anything of substance to be had. remember - this is a work-supplied phone, not his personal one. That was thoroughly destroyed. Is it likely he put incriminating details on his work phone rather than the personal one? No. The two shooters are dead, so no more charges there. The police and FBI have already established that they were not part of a bigger terrorist cell, or a network of cells, although some people have been charged with non-terrorist offenses. Nor were they under the control of or affiliated with any foreign group. So what's the big upside for the FBI to get this data? None, for this specific case. What it is is the test case to force Apple ro build the tool for them to use in the other nine pending case (yes - despite FBI Director's comments that this is for one case only, there are at least nine others that have been filed). None of these are terrorism-related, by the way. And the New York DA says that he has 175 iPhones that he wants Apple to unlock. So, we all see where this is going and it is not to a good place. Of course, the biggest supporters of the FBI here are China, India, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states with repressive regimes. They will most certainly push on Apple for this tool if it is ever built. That is why it is important that it never is.
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  • Apple iPhone sales estimates 'aren't any good' says leading analyst

    HEADLINE ALERT !! The headline for this story is SERIOUSLY misleading. "Apple iPhone sales estimates 'aren't any good' says leading analyst" It suggests that the problem is with APPLE'S estimates, whereas the actual problem is with the industry analysts. Please FIX the headline.
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  • Apple working on re-engineered and smaller Mac Pro

    The last expandable Mini was the one from 2012, and I'm hanging on to mine.

    But I would really go for a Mac Mini Pro++ with space for a couple of internal SSDs, one slot, and expandable memory.

    That would be great.
  • Apple partner Pegatron could boost US manufacturing capacity by 3-5x, if pressed

    And how about Trump getting HIS stuff to be "Made in USA" ?? He's a hypocrite.
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  • How to factory reset a MacBook Pro, and when to do it

    mfryd said:
    LeoMC said:
    Why should one waste time, logging out from accounts when the wipe makes sure that happens too?

    It's not logging out of the account.  It is de-registering the computer.  You can have up to 5 computers registered to your iTunes account.  A computer stays registered, even if you wipe it clean.   The easiest way to de-register is from the registered computer.   That's not possible if you no longer have the computer.

    The other alternative is to de-register all your computers, but Apple severely limits are often this can be done.

    Thus, the best course of action is to de-register a computer before you wipe it clean.

    Amen to that. Some years ago I had a Mac that went in for repair - and came back with a new motherboard. 


    No way to de-register the old one and I was already at the limit. So the delete-all sledgehammer was my only tool. 

    Very messy. So take the hint - de-register first.
  • Apple releases AirPort Base Station update with security fixes

    Kudos to Apple for supporting discontinued hardware. I'll keep using them for as long as they are functional.
    Amen to that. I bought an extra to have as a spare (still in the shrinkwrap). And an extra Express too since that's what I use for music throughout the house.
  • Patriots head coach punting Microsoft Surface from sidelines, going back to binders

    P-DogNC said:
    volcan said:
    Wi-Fi in large venues can be really unreliable. Remember when Steve was trying to demo some Wi-Fi feature on stage and it failed because there were something like 500 hot spots in the room. You get 50,000 fans in the seats, you are bound to have hundreds of people with the hot spot on their phone still active even though they aren't even using it. Some technologies just don't scale well and Wi-Fi might be one of them.
    But the story said that MLB hadn't reported problems similar to those of the NFL. Baseball has plenty of fans in the stands using Wi-Fi as well.
    The big difference is that the iPads are preloaded, and are completely offline during the game. WiFi isn't an issue if the iPads are offline :)