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  • White House says FBI wants access to one iPhone, not blanket backdoor from Apple

    "It's just one phone".

    It is NOT just one phone. It is THE FIRST phone. The critical one that sets the precedent and can never be undone. Its everything.
  • Shootout: Apple's new 9.7" iPad Pro vs. iPad Air 2

    schlack said:
    that extended camera is a deal can i put the iPad down without damaging the camera or its raised edge?
    I guess you should ask the hundreds of millions of iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus owners how they've dealt with all the broken cameras.

    Oh wait, that has never actually happened.

    "Deal killer" my ass.
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  • iPhone SE preorders top 3.4M in China, gold & rose gold most popular - report

    lkrupp said:
    Well that’s interesting because c|net is trashing the SE bigtime.
    No one was trashing the 5s still existing prior to the announcement....why would anyone trash a major update to that model, that doesn't negatively Apple or any human being on earth?

    Oh that's right. Click Bait Ad Impression Bullshit Nonsense.
  • Users of Microsoft's 'free' Windows 10 find unexpected ads on lock screen

    I was all prepared to deliver an outraged, fist-shaking consumer diatribe...then I read: "Can be turned off in settings,"...and completely lost interest.
  • FBI complains it can't break encryption on phone used by San Bernardino terrorists

    Why do they think they are entitled to this? Because they label them terrorists? Even criminals have rights. It's all that keeps them from framing anyone they desire.

    I don't give a shit what you want FBI. Solve your crimes another way.
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  • Apple's 13" MacBook Air gets 8GB RAM as standard

    With base prices of $899 and $999, the MacBook Air is still the most attractive Apple notebook to the majority of potential customers.

    I don't understand why Apple is still price gouging on Macs. They have the entire lineup of iOS devices to subsidize their Macs. They should be trying to bring more people into the fold instead of driving people away.
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  • Apple's iPad Pro beating Microsoft Surface in 'detachable' tablet market

    I don't know of anyone who has bought a Surface Pro (3 or 4) that bought it to use a tablet. They bought it because they thought it was (supposed to be) a slick, ultra portable laptop replacement. A common theme has also been a lot of regret when it turns out to be not what they thought. For a while it was people getting Windows RT and not understanding why nothing was compatible. Now that time has passed, and its more I/O woes, and random quirks this hardware exhibits that other OEM laptops do not.

    Source: I work with a lot of people that purchase their own equipment for work.
  • Apple Watch shipped 2.2M units in March quarter, but lost marketshare, estimates claim

    lkrupp said:
    Because the chicken bones said so? Or the dart board? Or the Tarot cards?
    "Supply Chain checks" aka we have no fucking idea, but have to publish something.
  • No ducking way: Apple may soon let your friends know when autocorrect makes a mistake

    mackymoto said:
    What a half-way attempt to solve a very persistent problem. Why not just allow time based editing of a sent message, like Skype does. Give the sender some small amount of time (15 seconds?) to edit/correct the text. How many times have any of us pressed send and then instantly seen a typo? Happens quite often. Just let us edit/correct it.
    Technology making lazy people even lazier. How about proofreading before sending?
  • Apple's 13" MacBook Air gets 8GB RAM as standard

    jdw said:
    A disgraceful set of updates.  Rose Gold and the same 480p camera for the MacBook, and only 8GB of RAM standard for the AIR.  Let's say Apple is saving the best for last, reserving a new set of all-new MacBook Pro designs for June.  In that case, anyone foolish enough to buy the MacBook or AIR right now would be reliving the Mac IIvx fiasco of days gone by, regretting their purchase BIG TIME when the new MBP's debut only months later.  But if there is no big update in June, then such further drives home the point that Apple is waning when it comes to innovation.  In either case, it does not look pretty at all.  I just sent my feedback to Apple.  Perhaps you should too:
    Today's updates are indeed disgraceful, but you shouldn't act like every customer is a potential customer of either the Air or Pro line. They are for different classes of users. So to say that people shouldn't buy a MacBook or and Air today because NEW PROS are on the way soon is ridiculous. 

    The only people who think that way are Pro customers who need a Pro, but always try to see if they can get away with using an Air.