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  • Schiller schools internet on correct Apple device plurals, but Cook says 'iPad Pros'

    apple ][ said:
    I am siding with Tim Cook on this one. 

    Let's say that I am asking my friend how many iPads they own. Which of these am I going to choose?

    (1) How many iPad do you own?    
    (2) How many iPad devices do you own?
    (3) How many iPads do you own?

    I am obviously choosing #3, as that makes most sense, it's most logical, and anybody opting for #1 or #2 is just somebody who obviously must have various issues, hopefully none too serious.

    I am sorry, but saying "I have 3 Macintosh" just sounds semi-retarded, and I will have no part of it.
    You forgot "How much iPad do you own."

    "A lot. A lot of iPad."
  • AppleInsider podcast reviews Apple's 12" MacBook, talks earnings, Smart Connector, 'iPhone 7' and m

    I strongly believe that Apple will regret replacing the standard headphone jack, and it will place further downward pressure on sales. It's simply NOT a change most iPhone users wanted or were asking for, and for many people, myself among them, it's more of an inconvenience than anything else. I use iPhones as convenient field recorders with wired lapel mics for videography projects (only certain types of mics will work), and my collection of mics will no longer work after this change without adapters, assuming they work at all. This in no way improves my workflow. It's purely an inconvenience. 
    The way it works, and has always worked, is this:

    The user that values using their 3.5mm accessories without an adapter more than buying a new iPhone, does not have to buy a new iPhone.
    The user that values a new iPhone more than having to use an adapter for their 3.5mm accessories, can and will buy a new iPhone.

    The same story applies to every design decision and legacy abandonment Apple has ever made, and this will be no exception. If history is indicator, it will have precisely 0 negative impact on the bottom line, and whatever benefits arise because of this trade off may actually increase it.

  • Apple's iPad Pro beating Microsoft Surface in 'detachable' tablet market

    I don't know of anyone who has bought a Surface Pro (3 or 4) that bought it to use a tablet. They bought it because they thought it was (supposed to be) a slick, ultra portable laptop replacement. A common theme has also been a lot of regret when it turns out to be not what they thought. For a while it was people getting Windows RT and not understanding why nothing was compatible. Now that time has passed, and its more I/O woes, and random quirks this hardware exhibits that other OEM laptops do not.

    Source: I work with a lot of people that purchase their own equipment for work.
  • Apple Watch shipped 2.2M units in March quarter, but lost marketshare, estimates claim

    lkrupp said:
    Because the chicken bones said so? Or the dart board? Or the Tarot cards?
    "Supply Chain checks" aka we have no fucking idea, but have to publish something.
  • No ducking way: Apple may soon let your friends know when autocorrect makes a mistake

    This bug doesn't seem logical.

    If auto-correct is doing its job, I don't want every auto-corrected word underlined in the message I send. This defeats the purpose of auto-correct.

    Why not just do what dictation already does and underline it solely for ME, so that I can easily identify it before sending, and then have 1-tap access to changing any of the corrections.
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