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  • Apple may launch three new iPhones in 2017, limiting curved OLED to one model - report

    Gimmick. What actual productive reason is there for a curved screen (on the edges like Shamesung)? I've seen it, played with it. I actually find it annoying since the images get distorted along the edges, eww. I hope Apple does NOT do a "me too" product like this. If Apple were to do some type of curved screen, they'd need to go above and beyond, like wrap it all the way around the phone. Still, not sure what would be useful or practical about that either. And, they would also need to figure out some way to compensate for the bent images due to the curved glass.
  • San Bernardino's top cop says it's likely 'there is nothing of any value' on iPhone the FBI wants A

    The Crazy Train just keeps chugging along.
    Something that needs to be clearly stated is that the "User" and the "owner" of the phone are one and the same according to Apple Terms of Service ---  San Bernadino County.  They owned the phone and gave it to an employee (the shooter) who signed a statement agreeing to use it only for work.  The FBI is not even asking for access to the phone.  They only want Apple to force a backup because they already have access to the cloud backups.  Apple can do this by simply pushing a phone-specific update to the OS that forces an immediate and full backup.  No back door, no one's privacy rights endangered.  But Tim Cook sees this as a form of free advertising.  The fact is that Apple has a long history of illegal activities.
    What have you been smoking?
    1. How do you know if Apple can push a phone specific update?  I'm not so sure.  Even if they could, the TECHNIQUE could then be used on ANY phone.
    2. Everyone's privacy becomes endangered.  It's blatantly obvious.
    3. It's not about advertising.  The FBI went public first, Apple had no choice but to respond.
    4. Apple does NOT have a history of illegal activities, quite the opposite.  If you want illegal you should be looking at Shamesung and Mickeysoft.
    5. Finally, the FBI isn't asking for a forced iCloud backup, they are asking for a security bypass to allow them to brute-force attack the passcode.
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  • Watch Republicans Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz side with FBI in Apple encryption debate

    What a disappointment. Now it would seem that no candidate in either party truly values the constitution, and the protection of privacy, freedom & liberty. Very disappointed.
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  • Luxury carmaker Genesis adds remote start feature through iPhone Google Assistant app

    Oh goody. Right, because I trust Google to not only know where I am and what I'm doing at all times, but also be able to control my $50k car. /s

    Hyundai should make a proper App (for both platforms) to securely communicate with an owner's Genesis Connected Services Account. Even that is still an opportunity to get hacked.

    Can someone please make a new vehicle without electronic controls and gizmos? Guess I'm going to have to look into a kit car built by a custom shop for my next vehicle; something that won't be completely hosed when some screwball regime hits us with an EMP.

  • Google tries to fight wide ARKit compatibility with its own augmented reality initiative A...

    Oh, oh, oh, me too, meeee toooo! Google = the new Microsoft
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  • YouTube TV comes to 14 more US cities like Boston, Seattle & Pittsburgh

    I find it curious that we're geographically restricting content on the INTERNET. Who cares what city you live in? This is the friggin Internet! Wasn't one of the original goals of the Internet to provide unrestricted global access? (I mean geographically, I don't mean free reign to access anyone's server/PC/device connected to it.) Second point: Why are so many organizations in the entertainment industry still not getting it? People are "cutting the cord" on cable/satellite because of STUPID BUNDLES. Holy shit, get a damn clue already. YouTube TV is just another stupid bundle delivered over a different distribution medium. No friggin different than cable. Good god almighty.
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  • Turkey's president calls for boycott of Apple products

    The cheese has been moved. Just like everyone else, they'll jump up and down, make a lot of noise, and then when the tantrum is over, things will settle back down and it'll end up being better than before.
  • Tim Cook's fundraiser for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton set for tonight

    Supporting a congenital liar and a felon. Very disappointed Tim.
  • Phil Schiller again defends Touch Bar MacBook Pro's 16GB RAM limitation

    "Apple asserts its top-of-the-line laptop is an exercise in balancing performance with energy efficiency." 

    And that right there is the problem. PRO customers are interested in performance, not energy efficiency. Knock it off with all the 'green' shit already, and give us a PRO notebook that is actually PRO. Both HP and Dell can do it, why the hell can't you Apple? Stop bitching about battery life and build the thing 1/4" thicker to put in a bigger battery. Holy crap, this is not difficult.
  • Macs may go even longer between revamps as Intel kills tick-tock

    There is so much more to a laptop than the damn CPU.  If Apple would stop being stubborn and pull its collective head out of its ass, then they would put an end to their obsession with thinness, and start putting discrete GPUs in all (most) of their laptops.  Maybe consider bigger batteries - longer battery life is certainly a feature I'd be interested in.  Maybe also consider improvement to I/O ports (put the friggin ethernet port back in).  There is so much that can be done that has nothing to do with Intel.  THINK DIFFERENT.