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  • US Senate greenlights anti-robocalling bill to combat 'daily deluge'

     Who is the a-hole that voted against this? 
  • The WSJ calling the iPhone XR a failure that 'can't sell' is ludicrously mistaken

    sacto joe said:

    plantdude said:
    Why would anyone pay $749 or more for a phone? That is a ridiculous amount of money.
    ...and yet another plebe makes his first post on Appleinsider....
    Although you’re probably right, not everyone cares to share their opinions on what you or Tim Cook ate for breakfast.  What evidence do you have?  I am an avid AppleInsider reader but haven’t posted in probably over a year. 
  • Apple's iPhone X goes up for preorder online [update: launch units sold out]

    sirozha said:
    This entire thread is a giant first-world problem. It’s so pathetic to read these posts that I can’t help but think that we are really heading for hell in a hand basket. Especially reading the post of a dude lamenting that he would have to live with his iPhone 8 (!) for a few extra weeks because his iPhone X delivery was delayed by two weeks. 

    It’s so sad that we arrived at an era when the life boils down to getting up in the middle of the night to snatch a new gadget that costs over a grand. Can’t get any more shallow. Pathetic!
    Chill dude it’s once a year.  What do you do all 365 that’s more useful than what us Apple fans do?  Beaides, we’re saving more time over the rest of the populace using the fastest phones on earth every year.
  • Netgear expands Orbi family with Orbi Mesh WiFi system

    I have the older Orby system, and it’s been working great. Besides the form factor, I’m wondering if this new system has any speed advantages over the old one?
    watto_cobraforgot username
  • Multiple mall shootings prompt Apple Store closure in North Carolina

    AppleZulu said:
    What? I thought these states’ inexorable march toward unregulated, unrestricted gun sales and ownership was supposed to make everyone safer. You know, because of all the “good guys” wandering around, armed to the teeth. Did Apple check first to see if the mall shootings weren’t just some of those good guys exercising their freedom and protecting us?
    Riiiiiiight like it was a legal, permitted, gun owner/carrier just shooting up the place…  such citizens would have been able to put a stop to these types of crimes in a hurry. You take away someone’s RIGHT to bear arms, then only the law abiding citizen is de-armed. The criminal still gets their guns and has a one-up on everyone else. Because the criminal doesn’t care about breaking the law. Simple math 

    nobody wants guns being sold like candy with no responsibility. Total micharacterization to pretend to have a point. 

    These kinds tissues are what you have when “defund the police” is a rallying cry and criminals know their victims cant defend themselves. The possibility of a gun is a much better deterrent than a purse weirder by granny to would be criminal minals, terrorists, etc. 

    Sorry but this was a real LOL moment.
    Weird purses?
    criminal minals?
    written by a true genius!

  • Playdate handheld game console preorders start July 29

    michelb76 said:
    Most exiting device I've been waiting for in a while! Can't wait to play with it develop something on it.
    Ha ha, yeah right!