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  • Apple delaying new MacBook Pro pre-orders, no warning devices wouldn't arrive today

    That's rough for all affected and have been there on past pre-orders. Just know this, both the 14" and 16" models are absolutely stunning! All of the online videos and reviews Ive been obsessing over made them seem overly chunky but honestly... The new 16 incher is comparable to my 2019 Intel "clunker" and the 14 incher is on par with the long available 13" model. The sound on the 2019 16" blew me away and it is even better on the new one! The sound on the 14" model is on par with the older 16" model now too. The displays on both are breathtaking! I watched some 4K60 HDR test videos on YouTube and the contrast is out of this world. The NASA video is an excellent test as I actually was squinting during a scene in which sunlight was peering through an opening in the ISS. You can see a tiny amount of blooming in the backlight if you really look for it, but I don't find it very noticeable and it is most definitely better than a regular LCD display! I've been messing around and testing each for 4 hours now and both batteries are in the 70% range still. Never again Intel, Apple Silicon for the win lol. I'm glad they dumped the Touch Bar which Im sure will only help battery life even more - That being said, I really gotta retrain my finger for autofills (about the only thing I ever touched the bar for lol). The wife is going to enjoy her baby MacBook and my 16" beast is settling in well on my desktop. Enjoy it guys, these things are awesome! Sweet baby Jesus Apple, please keep heading in this direction. Most of us longtime loyal customers do not mind a couple grams or millimeters here or there for improved performance and functionality! **Bonus nostalgia points for paying homage to the PowerBook G4 body style haha.