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  • Apple Watch's heart rate sensors alert man to undiagnosed atrial fibrillation

    deminsd said:
    You don't know your heart rate is racing at 161bpm until an Apple Watch alerts you?
    It is possible. I got a flu shot for the season. I don't get them every year but since college where they gave them in the library have had probably 10+ in all over the years without issue. I had a severe allergic reaction about 10-15 minutes later where I felt funny and maybe a bit faint --- looked at my Apple Watch and heart rate was 195 bpm. I was in disbelief and adjusted the watch (and manually checked my pulse too) - stayed in the 190-195 range for about 20 minutes until the tachycardia self-converted. Weird experience and I wouldn't have known my heart rate was that high otherwise. I didn't get an alert on my Apple Watch though. So yes you can get a racing heart rate and not really know what is going on.
  • Video: One week using Apple's iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 Plus

    The iPhone X Plus is coming... late April or early May?

    Cpsro wrote: "Lastly, you can swipe app cards up, just like you do on other iPhones to kill apps, except it does nothing on the X.  That's maybe a sign that the current behavior is a bug that will soon kill apps like it should."

    It does if you wait for the minus sign to appear first. Once the minus sign(s) appear, you can quit an app by touching the minus sign OR swiping up on the app card.
  • How Apple Watch laid the foundation for iPhone X

    Well, in ten years of buying an iPhone each year, this is the first year my new iPhone (got the X) came without a charge. Press the sleep/wake and nothing...dead on arrival. Had me concerned. Plugged it in and showed no charge. Anyway, works fantastic now, just surprised it arrived with literally zero charge.
  • Thieves strike Palo Alto Apple Store, two days in a row

    First, the thieves are taking advantage of the fact that Apple has instructed their employees to stand aside and let it happen - ZERO attempt is made to stop the thieves or take the products off the other tables and out of reach.

    Second, Apple needs to make it known that these devices are worthless if stolen (although I suppose the parts are worth something to a phone chop shop).

    Third, Apple just needs to hire an off duty officer to be outside the store. Undercover police officer is what I would do to catch them. Or have a uniform officer sitting at a nearby table drinking coffee or something.

    Apple needs to stop the madness as they are creating an environment which INVITES these criminals and could result in an employee or customer getting hurt. If it was a one off or two off situation then the "stand down" policy is reasonable, but now it is attracting crime and I could see liability for doing nothing.
  • If you have an iPhone X, should you upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

    Yep, I ordered an iPhone XS Max from my current iPhone X. The screen size is the main selling point for me!

    And just as Vadim mentioned in the video, I want to feel like I have something different so I am also going from the space gray color on the X to the silver color on the XS Max. :smiley: 
    Ditto - Going from Silver iPhone X 256GB to a Silver iPhone XS MAX 256GB. If not for the screen size difference (I want larger screen for sure) I might not have upgraded for the first time (I have done every year). I've done the color change before but Space Gray makes it easier to misplace my iPhone!

    I will say if Face ID is faster than that could make the X to XS worth it like how they massively increased the speed of Touch ID each year until it was so instantaneous that it was unlocked before getting it out of my pocket.

    Looking forward to the MAX screen size on Friday. Spigen delivery case on that day too.

    For sale -> perfect iPhone X (LOL).
  • Apple releases tvOS 12.1 for Apple TV 4K, fourth generation Apple TV with bug fixes

    NY1822 said:
    I've asked this before but still searching for an answer...
    Why if I have automatic updates on, I still have to manually update, sometimes weeks after the update releases...has this happened to anyone else? 
    Yep - I always do manual cuz it takes FOREVER for it to update "automatically"... dunno why. Maybe THIS update fixes that! LOL