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  • How to get started with a new HomePod, and get more out of it

    Elcptn - If you use the same Apple ID on two iPhones I don't think it really matters as it really is using iCloud as long as your phone is on the same Wi-Fi I don't think you will have any issues when you give verbal commands. I bought one, really like it, then another in stereo pair and loved it so ended up buying 5 in all (they were on sale at B&H and Best Buy $100 off for new ones, great deal).
  • Apple lowers holiday quarter guidance on lower than expected iPhone sales

    iPhone prices have gotten super high especially on a comparison basis. Sure iPhone users are pretty sticky to the great ecosystem but if you want more to upgrade to the latest more often then you need to push more features with better pricing. I buy the latest iPhone every year and almost skipped this year except I really wanted the bigger screen of the Max.

    With respect to some who use this as an excuse to bash Trump, you should be bashing Cook. The U.S. economy is doing great and more people than ever have jobs and with improving wages (to be able to afford iPhones!). Apple got a bit heady but still amazing sales numbers regardless of guidance or expectations.
  • Watch-based Apple Heart Study is the largest arrhythmia study of all time

    Pretty cool that so many people participated in it. I am sure that Apple's reputation for strong privacy protections was a big factor in people's willingness to participate in this study. I participated in it too.
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  • ECG feature in Apple Watch is already saving lives [u]

    This is ridiculous. Knowitall is wrong and Roake is correct.

    There are two (2) different measurements using two (2) different sensor types.

    (1) "Continuously" monitoring one's pulse can show a pattern that is highly correlated with a control group of people with diagnosed Afib. That was the point of the Apple Heart Study - to more precisely determine the pulse patterns indicative of Afib. Available on all AWs using the pulse sensor.

    (2) The ECG which is in fact an actual ECG using electrical activity to create a graphic of the fundamental parts of a heart beat to show the electrical impulse wave. Again it is in fact an actual ECG and is available only on the AW4 when using the ECG app and the two electrical sensors (in back of watch and digital crown).

    The end.
  • ECG feature in Apple Watch is already saving lives [u]

    sflagel said:
    bageljoey said:
    I have been happy with my Series 3 Apple Watch. I was planning on skipping 4 even though I like the better screen.
    ...but should I risk my life to save a few hundred dollars?
    I read that atrial fibrillation is not life threatening. It increases your chances of a stroke (but so does eating too much chocolate). And it does not require an “ECG” to recognise it, it’s symptom is an irregular pulse, which is why Series 2 and 3 can also detect it. So what the ECG for? Is there a doctor in this forum that can explain it better than the NHS website? 
    Especially if you have been diagnosed with AFib the ECG function would be very helpful to monitor it. The irregular pulse thing won't tell you much if at all on a day to day basis nor are the specifics even available to review. The ECG has much more information and not just for AFib purposes.