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  • Apple CDO Jony Ive discusses AirPods design as new model poised to ship

    macmarcus said:
    I think they said - hey we did a lot of research designing the newer version of the EarPods (vs the old round ones) - so let's just clip the wires as the shape etc is symbolic as well. OK, now let's figure out how to make that work.... Given the need for frequent recharging, the charging case was critical.
    No, I think they found the design still valid, and don’t do change for change’s sake. 

    Frequent recharging is relative. For ultra portables, 5 hours of music playback is good. When launched two years ago I’m not aware of wireless buds that did better. 
    Touchy touchy. Chill. I specifically wrote what you wrote in a different way. There is no "No". That they spent a lot of time and money on the EarPods shape and sound. That they are symbolic / iconic as well. So they kept that.

    I doubt anyone would disagree that the charging case was needed and a very very important part of the AirPod experience and adoption. Without the charging case, AirPods would not have been nearly as successful.
  • Ikea's HomeKit-compatible Smart Shades come to the US on Apr. 1

    It's marginally disappointing Ikea's sizing is not in line with my current needs.

    Aren't they the cut to custom width type of blinds? On an inside mount that would be important, on an outside mount not so much.
  • HomeKit coming to new smartlocks by August & Yale

    Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock, Works with Apple HomeKit via Apple HomePod or Apple TV

    Works like a champ. Have had it for just about a year now. "Hey Siri, unlock my front door." on my Apple Watch. Via HomeKit can also see the status of locked or unlocked as well as on the lock specific Kwikset app. Can configure keypad codes and other things on the Kwikset app too such as viewing lock activity and setting up users who have access only during certain times etc. It adds an additional layer of security since if you use keypad codes for each person it tells you who unlocked it as well when etc in the lock activity list. Very happy with it. 5 stars.
  • Watch-based Apple Heart Study is the largest arrhythmia study of all time

    Pretty cool that so many people participated in it. I am sure that Apple's reputation for strong privacy protections was a big factor in people's willingness to participate in this study. I participated in it too.
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  • Apple to address Chinese iPhone ban with software update

    stompy said:
    tbornot said:
    let's not forget the Apple stealing windowing and mousing from Xerox thing, too.
    Apple asked Xerox executives to see their technology, and they agreed.  That isn’t stealing.  Of course, it wasn’t a good idea, but Xerox didn’t know what they had.

    Apple also compensated Xerox PARC with a pre-IPO Apple stock deal. Stealing? Not even close to that old myth.
    Exactly! Xerox made an investment in Apple at a sweet price for Xerox. There was ZERO stealing- fact.