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  • Early benchmarks shows Samsung Galaxy S9 well behind iPhone X in processor performance

    maestro64 said:
    it is now coming down to software optimization. pure processor power is not enough, unless the underlining code is optimize around the processor users will never see the performance. Even though the benchmarks try to work directly with the processor they can not they still have to interface with the operating system to execute code on the processor. The only way to eliminate the operating systems is to remove and replace it with the benchmark software which we know is not happening.

    This is why Apple has the advantage and will always have the advantage. Google can not optimize their software to work with all the versions of processors.

    Apple is shipping the widest ARM cores out there at 6-issue, everyone else is still playing with 4-issue. Nvidia tried 7 but their binary translation attempt made performance too weird. 

    Since core complexity goes up exponentially with width, Apple is also spending twice as much silicon per core, or at least were last year as the competition. 

    Point being it's not just some ambiguous whole banana optimization, Apple is shipping the most advanced ARM CPU cores in a phone period  regardless of OS. For the Exynos Anandtech does mention it's a pre-release scheduler so some of it could be software, but even if things were perfectly optimized it would not be as good per clock as Apples wide core. 
  • Apple Watch Series 4 in 40mm and 44mm sizes confirmed in sitemap leak

    spheric said:
    jamiel said:
    Does that slight size increase mean existing bands won't fit either model?
    It looks like the bezels around the displays will be narrower (as with the later versions of iPhone), which would allow for larger displays (38 —> 40 mm and 42 —> 44 mm) without a change in the watch case design itself. 

    The mm count is the lug to lug width, not display size. 

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  • MacBook Air 2018 Review: Apple's most popular Mac gets an impactful upgrade

    ascii said:
    I am interested in whether a fast eGPU gets bottlenecked by the 7W processor. i.e. if you install the same game on the new MBA and on a MBP, and use the same eGPU, does the MBA get a lot less fps?

    Sure it would, you can already see this with the 13 vs 15 CPUs, and the Pro 13 is a higher bar not to bottleneck the GPU with four cores and higher clocks. Depends on the task/title of course, but a 7W CPU will certainly bottleneck modern mid-high end GPUs a fair bit. 


  • Apple likely to be 'all-in or all-out' of self-driving cars within 2 years, analyst argues...

    Analyst: "Apple may or may not do a thing. So, uh, will that be paid in a cheque, or..." 
  • Face ID iPad, MacBook, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, 11-inch iPad Pro in Apple's 2018 product lin...

    Mac Mini with the 8th gen ULV quads would be pretty sweet. Hopefully they revert from the stupid metal cage making upgrades harder for no reason, didn’t get smaller or even more powerful or anything, they just added it expressly to stop upgrades which was a piss off.

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  • Galaxy Note 9 versus iPhone X cameras, compared

    nunzy said:
    iPhone is better than Samescam? What a surprise. Not.
    That's not what the words in the article conclude, for the majority of tests...
  • Apple's new 2019 iMacs deliver twice the speed as previous model, Vega graphics option

    My pet wish was that they would remove the HDD options to make room for the iMac Pro’s dual blower cooler. Even with chips in the same wattage, it would allow more boosts and stay quieter.

    As speedbumps go this is entirely fine though. Apart from HDD-only options being criminal.

    Edit: No T2, weird. 

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  • Apple's 'modular' Mac Pro design may mean units that connect like Lego bricks

    Tailosive bruh here is mentioning FOUR GPU stacks....Let's say TB4 doubles bandwidth as every TB generation has, that still seems like a stretch, unless you're manually connecting each stack with a direct cable. Otherwise stack 1 has to carry all the bandwidth for the next three GPUs and all other components...

    Just from a bandwidth flow standpoint, this seems nuts. 

    One thing I could think of is not use TB4 at all - just go native PCI-E with as many lanes as it needs to make this work. 
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  • New photos show 'beta' Apple Card with NFC-enabled packaging

    Would have been a bit cooler if they could drop the co-branding (especially the taste Goldman leaves for some...), but slick looking card. 

    I still haven't read anywhere - does it have any form of warranty extension? 
  • Apple game subscription service reportedly in early stages of development

    I still strongly feel that Apple should splash some of that original TV money at also funding original, exclusive games that really show the performance of their chips. 

    The ATV 4K would have made for a nifty microconsole with a controller and actively cooled A10X, if they took it seriously.