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  • Apple's 'modular' Mac Pro design may mean units that connect like Lego bricks

    Tailosive bruh here is mentioning FOUR GPU stacks....Let's say TB4 doubles bandwidth as every TB generation has, that still seems like a stretch, unless you're manually connecting each stack with a direct cable. Otherwise stack 1 has to carry all the bandwidth for the next three GPUs and all other components...

    Just from a bandwidth flow standpoint, this seems nuts. 

    One thing I could think of is not use TB4 at all - just go native PCI-E with as many lanes as it needs to make this work. 
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  • AMD unveils Radeon 7 graphics card likely to appear in future pro Macs

    So maybe a touch faster than 2080 performance for about the same 700 dollars, but having to get there by being a fabrication node down and without any of the silicon Nvidia is spending on RTX, and all 5 months later, is I guess an ok slightly better value play, but not exactly awe inspiring, even a little worrying.

     The benchmarks are no doubt picked to be favorable, so the primary draw would seem to be the extra HBM2 memory, might be an interesting card for researchers but few titles are hurting on 8GB for gamers yet. Seems like the Frontier again, or what some Titans have been.

    Then again this is only die shrunk Vega, Navi will be the interesting one to see as the new architecture. Needless to say I'd prefer the RTX 2000 series in a new iMac and other Mac models, but still, Vega on 7nm will be a decent jump, hopefully soon.
  • MacBook Air 2018 Review: Apple's most popular Mac gets an impactful upgrade

    ascii said:
    I am interested in whether a fast eGPU gets bottlenecked by the 7W processor. i.e. if you install the same game on the new MBA and on a MBP, and use the same eGPU, does the MBA get a lot less fps?

    Sure it would, you can already see this with the 13 vs 15 CPUs, and the Pro 13 is a higher bar not to bottleneck the GPU with four cores and higher clocks. Depends on the task/title of course, but a 7W CPU will certainly bottleneck modern mid-high end GPUs a fair bit. 


  • MacBook Air 2018 Review: Apple's most popular Mac gets an impactful upgrade

    If the Nontouchbar got an update any time soon to T2 and Butterfly 3 alone, it would still be my pick over this. Not much price difference, P3, 500 nits, Iris Plus, higher wattage CPU, and the battery life on the new Air isn't as far ahead as the old Air was. 

    If it got a quad core at the same time, it would runaway be the better choice, but it may have to give up Iris Plus for that this Intel generation. 
  • 2018 Mac mini: what you need to know

    100 dollars for 10 gig ethernet is actually a killer deal, no? 

    It was a few years ago, but a Sonnet solution over Thunderbolt 2 off a Mac Pro was like 900 dollars to get 10 gig.