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  • In new court filing, Apple cites 9 other cases in which FBI asserted the All Writs Act

    Soooooo what was the FBI saying about "Just this once" regarding the San Bernardino iPhone?  Looks like "more than once" to me.
  • iOS 11.2 beta brings SiriKit commands to Apple's unreleased HomePod

    Why the limitations? If I want to know the score from last night’s game why can’t HomePod answer? Seems odd. I wonder if HomeKit requests will work. 

    I believe the article means that only messaging, lists, and notes functionality of third-party (i.e., non-Apple) apps is supported on HomeKit for now. You can still ask Siri about sports scores and the weather, for example, and you’ll get an answer from Siri.  Just not from third party apps like ESPN or The Weather Channel. 
  • Apple files nine new iPhones, one Mac with international regulators

    The number “9” strongly suggests that there will only be 3 models of iPhone 12 (12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max) in a 3-carrier/band mix per model: 

    1. World phone #1 (with CDMA)
    2. World phone #2 (without CDMA)
    3. China or Japan phone (likely China)

    This fits to the same 3-carrier/band mix of the iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max (9 phone models for the “11” family in all).  Also fits to the iPhone 8 and 8 Max (total of 6 models for the whole “8” family). And it also fits to the iPhone SE, which also has only 3 models and in similar configurations.  Interestingly, TechWalls shows the 3rd iPhone 8 model being for Japanese carriers (with Chinese carriers getting the World phone #1 with CDMA), but the 3rd iPhone 11 and SE models for Chinese carriers (with Japanese carriers using World phone #2 without CDMA).  

    In the past (iPhone XS and Xr era) there was a 4-carrier/band mix, with Japanese and Chinese carriers each getting their own, in addition to World phones #1 and #2.  But this was 2 years ago and it seems Apple consolidated from 4 down to 3 starting in 2019 and did not deviate from that with the 2020 iPhone SE. 

    Does it mean Apple isn’t hiding a 4th hardware (different screen size and/or shell) to come, also in a 3-carrier/band mix?  Not necessarily, but the longer they hide it, the less likely that one would be able to achieve the EEC regulatory certification for “Day 1” launch shipment alongside the 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max. 
  • Apple Watch 'Series 4' leak shows slimmer chassis with larger screen & new watch face

    That metal looks way too shiny to be aluminum.  I imagine that's a new "gold" color for the steel Apple Watch, very likely color matched to the new gold steel-frame option of the iPhone XS shown in the 9to5Mac photo.
  • US appeals court says public has right to sue Apple over App Store exclusivity

    Can we also sue movie theaters for not allowing us to bring our own food?  And restaurants, for that matter.  I really like the atmosphere at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, but their prices are too high for my taste.  Why shouldn't I be able to bring my own steak and eat it there?  And I want to be able to buy competing products from individual vendors while at Macy's, flea market style.  Why aren't those vendors allowed to hang out in Macy's?  Maybe setup a booth there?

    Do people even understand that they don't 'own' iOS?  That they have only a license to use it?  It's not their OS.  They own the hardware they purchase from Apple, and so, as another commenter indicates, they are free to jailbreak and install their own apps on the hardware.  But I can't see that Apple has any obligation to allow outside apps runnng under iOS.  IOS is the analog to the retail space owned by a Macy's or the lobby of a movie theater.  

    The movie theater example was one I was about to post, thanks for saving me the time.  Another poster's car example is not necessarily a good example, as it mainly involves hardware and not software.  You don't hear of customers or any other 3rd parties being allowed to sue car manufacturers so that they can re-write the manufacturer's code to change the design/layout of what's on all their dash/console displays, or to change the "brake assist" parameters.  Why?  Because it is a safety issue.  That's the argument Apple needs to make: their app store is an integral part of the safety and security of iPhone, iPad, and tvOS. 

    Courts also need to stop treating Apple like its a monopoly.  Walled garden does not equal monopoly.  Customers still have a choice to go to another garden that isn't walled!

  • Samsung app leaks new Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds earphones, fitness bands

    gsteeno said:
    Blunt said:
    The numbers of the watch face are italic but why is sat italic and steps not? Makes no sense. You don't care? Well I do. Details… Samsung almost never pays attention.

    Good eye, and spot-on comment.
    They practically lifted the “running man” Workout app icon from Apple Watch. Such amazing innovation and originality. 
  • Apple introduces SharePlay, with access to Disney+, Hulu, and other streamers

    If “sharing” content like a movie or TV show, I wonder if all parties on the FaceTime call must have not only the app, but also a subscription on the service that’s providing the content. Seems to me Disney wouldn’t want people to SharePlay movies to multiple households if only 1 has a subscription. 
  • Supreme Court sides with Samsung over Apple, says payments shouldn't cover whole device profits [u]

    gatorguy said:
    When the reason for the sales appeal of the whole device to the consumer is stolen, what then?
    Then the jury is free to award the total profits. The difference is that the Federal Court interpreted the law as mandating that the entire profits be awarded with no option for a lesser amount no matter how minor the design infringement was. TBH Apple should be happy it went this way ( and probably are in some regard IMHO). It could have been a penny saved and a pound wasted in some future design patent award if they were on the hook instead. 

    It would've been a double-edged sword for Apple had it gone the other way: all these lawsuits against Apple for LTE, FaceTime, etc. patents would've been bad had it been the "based on entire profit" ruling and Apple lost or didn't settle those cases.  So on the bright site, this will give Apple great leverage in the patent infringement suits brought against it, as "profits" relating to individual infringing components / software code would amount to mere pennies (perhaps even fractions of pennies) per device, give then many, many features/functions that make up the iPhone.  Perhaps Apple will now go back to that FaceTime peer-to-peer patent holder and make an offer to license now under much more favorable terms, so that FaceTime could go back to the way it was in the iPhone 4 initially (peer-to-peer, no connection via Apple servers). 
  • Skype for iOS gets Siri and CallKit support in latest update

    Siri integration only works with calls so far, not messaging in Skype. You can't say "Siri, send a message to 'xx' via Skype" like you can with WhatsApp.