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  • Apple's claims about M1 Mac speed 'shocking,' but 'extremely plausible'

    lkrupp said:
    Rayz2016 said:
    “Apple will never leave Intel”
    “Okay, so they might dump Intel, but they’ll go to AMD.”
    “Okay, they’re going to use an A14! How will that compete with AMD?”

    I think that covers everything. 

    And we can see with our own eyes here, the theme of this thread has quickly turned to throwing shade on the M1 before it’s even in user’s hands. Those whose agenda is to throw shade, FUD, and confusion on everything Apple will be out in force next week as machines arrive in user’s hands. These are the same ones who call some of us fanboys while they are the exact opposite of fanboy. You don't have street cred here unless you dump on Apple at every opportunity. Being positive about Apple is taboo. Only negativity rules the day in Apple tech blogs.
    It's the MacRumorisation of AI, it's been in the works for some time, just this thread (like MR) the first post is negative - they compete to be the first to hold that position.
  • Apple's claims about M1 Mac speed 'shocking,' but 'extremely plausible'

    Sarkany said:
    Comparing mobile chips to the likes of 10900K...that is extremely laughable.
    Yes, laughable...

  • Zuckerberg: Apple's ad-tracking block will impair COVID-19 economic recovery

    Howdy Pootie is so upset he can't continue violating the privacy of billions of people so he can become even more obscenely wealthy by manipulating people into buying things they neither need nor want, as well of course as convincing people to believe false is true. You, MFer, are a pox on life, just STFU.

    Boo effing hoo.

    Facebook needs to die.
  • Tom Hanks film 'Finch' sets Apple TV+ film premiere record

    This movie is very enjoyable, basically an exploration into what it means to be human. A typically strong performance by Tom Hanks, it's definitely worthy of watching.

    Do yourself a favour and ignore negative nellies proclaiming otherwise, this is a great addition to the ATV+ catalog.
  • Google's Gmail, other services let third parties read user emails, report says

    And people keep harping on about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, always giving Google a great big pass. Google has been at it longer, has wider reach, is much better at it, and has far more customers than Facebook.
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  • Facebook preparing to take Apple to court over iOS 14 privacy features

    Can't wait to get all his arguments on the record for why he should be able to violate everyone's privacy, pretty sure all of them will boil down to "because we profit."

    What a fuckwit, vying for the most evil man on the planet he is.
  • New York State Senate passes right to repair legislation

    swineone said:
    swineone said:
    The average Apple tech is much less knowledgeable and skilled than quite a few independent technicianS. I would trust e.g. Louis Rossmann with my hardware over ANY Apple technician. I mean ANY. There is no technician working at Apple that could do their job as well as Louis does. BTW: I’m an electrical engineer, I design portable electronic devices, and I’ve spent quite a few hours watching Louis’ videos. He displays impressive skills. And often he has to fix a crap job done by, guess who, Apple technicians.
    Bullshit. And if he wants to become a certified repair person, I'm fine with that, but your other claims are pure bullshit.

    BTW, anecdotes prove nothing
    Nice argument you put there, “bullshit”. I’m fully convinced by this one magical word.

    Screw the actual facts, such as that Louis Rossmann quite often fixes Macs deemed unfixable by Apple. And especially, how he performs fixes much more cheaply (never mind environmentally friendly) than Apple by replacing the few targeted components that actually failed rather than whole boards at a time as the Apple technicians do — indeed, if his fixes weren’t cheaper than Apple’s, who would be crazy to hire him rather than Apple fix their devices?

    Plus, he does all of these things without proper access to repair documentation and knowledge bases, and most importantly, to the parts he needs. For those who don’t know: Apple has the awful habit of calling up an IC manufacturer and throwing their weight around to require the manufacturer to create a small variation of an existing part, with a trivial and technically unnecessary change such as swapping a couple of pins around. Then Apple won’t let the manufacturer sell the same part to anyone else but Apple or provide documentation on it. Thus, repair technicians can’t get ahold of it, and must take these parts from donor boards. This is simply the most actively user-hostile move by a company that I’ve ever seen in my life. It truly sickens me every time I think of it, especially when you consider all the (lying) marketing strategy from Apple trying to paint it as a nice, friendly company that just wants to help its customers and the environment. This one example brings all that illusion down.
    Anecdotes, like exceptions, prove nothing. One man is NOT better than *ANY* Apple technician. Your argument is so ridiculous, just stop.
  • Apple Watch design & battery are inherently unsafe, claims lawsuit

    mattinoz said:
    darkvader said:
    maltz said:
    So the suit boils down to the fact that the screen is made of glass, and broken glass is sharp?  Good luck with that...

    No, that's not what it boils down to at all.

    It boils down to the design of the watch not allowing for an expanded battery (which can be anticipated to happen with a certain percentage of batteries of the type used in the Apple Watch) and therefore the battery is breaking the glass and creating a potentially hazardous condition.

    I suspect they'll have a hard time if they can't prove actual damages, meaning if the glass didn't cut somebody there isn't an injury.

    It absolutely IS a defective design.  If the battery expansion (which, again, can be anticipated) causes damage to the device, it's a problem.  And it's a problem that's affected every portable Apple product for years.  Apple really should have to pay for any damages caused by battery swelling when they designed the product in such a way that a swollen battery can damage other hardware.  There's an easy fix Apple could have implemented - batteries that are easily changeable by the user could implement a locking catch system that would automatically unlock and release if a battery swells enough that it could cause damage.  There's no reason for Apple not to do that other than their idiotic thin fetish.
    Given the screen and glass are bonded does the glass really break and become dangerous if the battery swells?

    The screen module is held in with a sticky gasket and the battery to one end so if it did swell it would seem like it would put more pressure on one part of gasket. Seems like the whole screen would tear off the gasket before the screen would shatter. Even then the screen is captured by cables going under the battery and haptic motor so wouldn't fall off and smash. 
    Have experienced on both an iPhone and Apple Watch swollen batteries. Neither of them did anything but dislodge the screen from its setting. No screen breakage or cracks, and nothing shattered.

    This is a Chicken Little pander to the "I hate Apple" trolls and make the lawyers rich at the same time fecal lawsuit ("throw it against the wall and hope for 'stickage'"). One only has to look who on this forum supports it, and that will tell you everything you need to know about how idiotic it is.
  • Apple's 2022 monitor rumored to be half the price of the Pro Display XDR

    opinion said:
    I say it again, sometimes I see no point in making the best products if nobody can afford them. I love Apple but lately they seem to be not able to get the full equation together like before. There seems to always be some loose end. Notch on iPhones, ugly chin on iMac and again external power box, Airpower getting too warm etc. Or, not be able to design with end price in mind.
    Yeah, Apple should have been listening to the armchair CEOs on AI obviously who think they know better how to build products people will buy, you know, given the dire financial results of the past couple of decades. [rolls eyes]
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  • The AirTag stalking problem is only partially Apple's problem, it's mostly law enforcement...

    stevebobs said:
    We have got ourselves some apple lovers here. While I agree that the media probably wants to make a story of this more than investigate the matter, this device apple made is dangerous. It leverages the entire apple ecosystem! You know, those 1 billion devices. What other device can tap into that? It's $30. Discreet. It has been shown that it's firmware can be hacked. Apple has released several new security measures since it came out. Why?? Cause it's so freaking easy to use it to track people. All I gotta do is go to Target. Yah it's tied to my ID but if I'm a stalker I don't care. Don't blame this on law enforcement. They were blindsided by a tracker expertly crafted by one the world's most capable companies. Wtf, mate? 
    Quite the narrative you've cooked up here, but given you've labelled the site full of fanboys, not surprising really. [rolls eyes]