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  • Editorial: Apple's AirPods, iPhone 7, Series 2 Watch out... journalists

    It's all about pandering to the internet troll and his sycophantic followers using click-bait articles to entice one to join in the disparagement of some easy target in an effort to drive volume in the discussion threads so they can charge advertisers more money. It's like when the Republicans around Reagan's era decided to appeal to the social conservatives so they could pursue their own fiscal conservative agendas, merely by using social conservatives as quantity fodder. Trolls and their sycophantic juvenile followers and mimics are merely that: they are used by blogs and websites to drive discussion volume (post-parry-riposte, tit-tat fighting) so they can earn more advertising revenue, they just don't realise how they're being used.

    Look at Ars Technica, once a great site with lots of Apple and non-Apple intelligent discussion. So rapidly they have embraced the click-bait articles and attracted those vermin who now are the first to post their negative childish rants and baby-bird-like squawks. Andrew Cunningham, the local Apple writer, is now one of the biggest concern trolls and click-bait journalists at that site, it's disgusting.

    The problem is the never ending pursuit of greatness on the part of journalists, so great in quantity they are a dime a dozen all of whom are trying to get someone to pay attention to them, and the demand by the business to drive more traffic, because that's what equates to revenue.

    This latest launch of Apple's is such a microcosm of what is such a huge problem out there. Gone are the days we can go to a tech blog and have an intelligent discussion without the children arriving to ruin all discussion and discourse. And that's the modern tech journalist's target reader these days. What a sad state of affairs.
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  • Google's Gmail, other services let third parties read user emails, report says

    And people keep harping on about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, always giving Google a great big pass. Google has been at it longer, has wider reach, is much better at it, and has far more customers than Facebook.
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  • Apple to debut 10.5" iPad Pro in 2017, integrate flexible AMOLED tech in 2018

    cnocbui said:
    This constant demand for radical change and revolution and new products every single year is ridiculous. This isn't Apple's fault, neither is it Samsung's fault, neither is it Microsoft's fault, it's very simply due to technology being where it is and providing the basis for products that we have developed and which have become more mature. It's like the world is filled with petulant children running around demanding, "I want, I want, I want," without understanding the world of technology, how it progresses, how devices utilise it and what mature products look like. What the fuck else do we want these products to do, toast bread, would that be revolutionary? There's only so much we'll ever get out of these devices and we're pretty much there, sure minor updates, small innovations, but nothing radical comes along every single year, these children need to reel in their expectations and realise what great products we have today and be patient regarding what comes tomorrow. Look backward and just see what we've had delivered to us by this exciting industry in the past 10 - 20 years, it's actually fucking amazing how things have changed in life in that regard, but it's not logical to expect the same in the next 10 - 20 years.
    You might as well say don't bother waiting for Apple, go buy a Samsung S7 Edge.
    *You* could say that, but then you obviously didn't read my post but instead decided to do your normal 'negative and/or argumentative' troll thing.
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  • How dual-SIM works with Apple's iPhone XS & XS Max

    doggone said:
    This is a good idea.  I'm currently in the UK using AT&Ts overseas plan that costs $10 per day to have the same types of coverage as in the US.  
    I've bought SIMs for use in the UK in the past but having an eSIM that is available whenever I need it will be ideal.  
    What I don't know is what the best service is in the UK.  Any recommendations welcome.
    I'd go with an MVNO such as giffgaff, which is the one I use personally here in the UK. They lease their lines from O2 (one of the big daddy telcos which you probably know) but their prices are soooo much cheaper, and no contracts. £25 will get you a month of unlimited calls, texts and data (throttled after 20GB), but you can also select smaller packages if you don't need the "unlimited" allowances. Hope that helps.
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  • Apple expands iPhone XS and XR trade-in program countries around the world

    propod said:
    propod said:
    propod said:

    Hint: customers don’t like greedy companies.
    Customers like good products and Apple seems to be meeting those demands, pretty much better than all other companies, so they either disagree with you or they don't care as much as you think.
    propod said:

    Hint: other mobile companies accomplish this as well without being greedy.
    And make no money in the process, great recipe for success.

    Perhaps you should stop projecting your own issues onto Apple, its customers and its success, you're really not doing your own credibility here any favours by commenting on business success factors that are refuted so easily by reality. Pricing, product strategy and customer satisfaction aren't the armchair CEO's forte.
    They will care when they loose a big healthy customer base.

    Apple did extremely well before this money grab. This will backfire. How many will return?
    "Apple doom and gloom," one of the internet troll's favourite epithets to hurl. You definitely have a bright future ahead of you in the financial analyst industry, given how astute you seem to be with sales and customer predictions.
    I just listen to the ground. My troll tip for you is that there is a Lot less iPhone sales this quarter.
    You think that proves something? Other than progressing the silly narrative of yours that you are spreading here like shit on shingles, your "inside information" means nothing that you think it means.
  • Launch day iPhone 7 Plus, jet black iPhone 7 allotment sold out, Apple says

    birko said:
    muadibe said:
    Sold out globally. Impressive. 
    Is it impressive or a marketing stunt. They sell out year after year. Why don't they just make millions more before launch - what doesn't sell will sell pre-christmas. 
    Okay, how many? How many more million? Store them where? How much more time devoted to production and security of storage, should they start building iPhone 8s right now so they have enough for next year's model? How much money do you expect to pay for this, because the cost has to be embedded in the phone for storage, extra security to protect these filled warehouses which store *unsold* product worth potentially billions of dollars. What is the exact formula, other than simply, "more." The costs, the supply chain constraints, the security, the money spent in the stock that just sits there, the lead time to manufacture millions of phones, perhaps the problem is all the impatient people who day one "MUST HAVE TODAY!" attitudes that should be managed, eh?!
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  • Apple expands iPhone XS and XR trade-in program countries around the world

    lenn said:
    The only way Apple will ever lower the price of it's iPhones is if people stop buying them. But Apple knows there's millions of suckers that need the latest and greatest and will fork down $1k or more for a new iPhone every year.  
    Btw, I'm still using a BB9900. I'm not paying $800 or more for a damn phone!
    "millions of suckers" pale in comparison to the juveniles and trolls who roam the internets so they can declare themselves superior by denigrating others for their purchases.

    As for your BB9900 - who the fuck cares?!
  • U.K. regulatory board backs Apple iPhone X claim of 'studio quality' portraits

    << two complaints filed by TV watchers>>

    Who then went on the internets and continued their trolling in various forums high and wide, decrying and denouncing all things Apple supported by its ignorant, sheeple fanbase.

    Yeah, we're (sadly) all familiar with the type that would file such a complaint. Sigh.
  • Benchmarked: Razer Blade Stealth versus 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys

    Why is this review based on price and not similarly spec'd machines? Does anyone who buys Apple buy because they're competitive in price? We all know Apple will cost more, I'd think a better review would be seeing how two machines similar in specs perform against one another.
  • Apple's iPhone XS Max smashes Google's Pixel 3 in benchmark testing

    danvm said:

    "My post didn't had the purpose to defend to PC..."
    Are you kidding?! Having installed yourself as the resident Microsoft/PC apologist, *that's all you ever do*. It's really fucking annoying, btw, and you've been told this numerous times by numerous people, we're not stupid and neither are you, so you can stop the innocent act.