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  • Apple slapped with lawsuit over Group FaceTime bug

    I wouldn't mind if AppleInsider didn't report stories like this. It just gives the wrong people publicity.
  • Australian government to ask for voluntary access to encrypted Apple data

    Don't people realize that "encrypted communication" is no more searchable than an in-person conversation? Why isn't the government demanding access to listen in on every single in-person conversation?? I mean I don't get the argument that everything that CAN be tracked SHOULD be tracked. The people who defend government behavior in this manner aren't thinking beyond the sensational headlines, the buzz words, and the common stories governments tell us these days about all the reasons they need access to every nook and crany of every person's life in order to "keep us safe." It's an easy road to keep going down, if you don't realize you've already started down it. I hope people wake up in their thinking and realize the world hasn't changed all that much since before 9/11. The main difference is that war is accepted as "common" and your privacy is accepted as "nonexistent." The threats haven't changed. Only people's willingness to give up a part of what they used to consider obvious rights in life. Oh right, for the sake of "national security" and "safety" it's all worth it, right?
  • Dutch Apple store evacuates after likely iPad battery incident

    I paid for the $29 dollar iPhone battery replacement after getting the "low performance mode" message. Had to bring the phone back in the VERY NEXT day because the battery had expanded, breaking the seal between the phone body and the screen.

    Thankfully they were willing to replace the entire phone, even though it was out of warranty / AppleCare period.

    But it still makes me wonder about the quality control on their batteries as of late.
  • Lady Gaga removes track featuring R. Kelly from Apple Music and iTunes amid sexual assault...

    Is nobody else going to mention the irony that we're talking about "sexual assault", when the track she removed is literally called "Do What U Want (With My Body)"?
  • Tips: How to pair your AirPods with a Galaxy S10 -- or any other device

    Article title should have been:

    How to pair your AirPods with a non-Apple device -- and why it sucks.

    The ability to switch the AirPods from one Apple device to another with a single tap is briefly touched on, but under-emphasized IMHO.
  • Netflix pushes up Standard & Premium prices in second major hike [u]

    As much as I hate to see Netflix prices creeping up more and more often, it's still far less than cable (at least at this point), and has so much content I watch, that I really feel like I get my money's worth even at $15.99.

    Hopefully they can start creating more quality content, rather than just making a bunch of crap with a bit of good stuff mixed in.
  • Benchmarking the eight-core 2019 MacBook Pro with Vega 20 graphics

    amar99 said:
    amar99 said:
    amar99 said:
    I couldn't help but notice you were running the MBP on battery power. Its peak performance is only reached when the power adapter is connected, from what I understand.
    The tests were performed plugged into power. They are not substantively different with a near-full battery, though.
    Sorry, I'm just going by the actual video, in which there is very clearly no power cord attached to the MBP, and in which the battery level is low and is not in a "charging" state.

    I mean, at 1:03 in the video you can't tell me it's plugged into power.

    In the video they even read out the exact value displayed on the screen as shown in the video. I'm sorry, I just don't understand how you can say it was plugged into power lol.

    If you don't understand the realities of a clean shot in video production, without the cabling, I'm not sure what to tell you.
    LMAO no need to patronize. Just say you did the benchmarks off cam and came up with the same results.
    Not patronizing. However....

    Alright, I genuinely wasn't trying to pick a fight here. It was confusing seeing an unplugged computer, and I thought maybe the benchmarks had been run without being plugged in which would have made their results not quite as high as they could be.My bad