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  • Intel's chip design, not Apple's choices, reason behind Thunderbolt 3 & RAM issues in new MacBook P

    Aha. We knew this, didn't we, but not in such detail. Thanks, Mike.

    Will the complaining about Apple's pro focus now stop? I don't think so. Reason is out of style.
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  • Apple's Tim Cook among tech executives meeting with Donald Trump on Wednesday - report

    Tim Cook could hardly pass up a chance of trying to educate this naïf. 

    "Mr. Trump, America literally gave up on electronics manufacturing 40 years ago. It wasn't the unions, it wasn't low wages in Asia, it was America's lack of respect for good, efficient design. We lost solid-state radio, television, VCR, camcorder, digital camera and computer manufacturing to Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China. That's where the center of gravity has been for two generations. That's the structure in the galaxy of our technology. You can't import a galaxy to our shores. About the only thing we can make here are the cardboard boxes.

    "But we can do the design, the manufacturing and marketing logistics, and the software. Apple has shown that no one else in the world can do that better than we can. That's why we are the most valuable company, yet we have no manufacturing to speak of, only partners. And if we get a cold, you will see the rest of the economy get pneumonia. 

    "Don't mess with our system. It's the best in the world, the most valuable. And we're just getting started."
  • How Donald Trump's election as U.S. President could affect Apple

    rob53 said:
    lkrupp said:
    Uh, err, Daniel, the election is over. Your stump speech is a day late and a dollar short. Sore loser still fapping the fud, Daniel? Even Hillary said we need to at least give him a chance. I’m waiting to see how many celebrities actually move out of the U.S. like they swore they would do if The Donald won. Streisand, Amy Schumer, Notorious RBG, Whoopi Goldberg, Alec Baldwin, Cher, Miley Cyrus. Anybody see the For Sale signs yet?
    It isn't a stump speech, it's an attempt to understand how Trump's attempts at national policy would affect Apple. I've also heard people say he'll be impeached within his first year, if he even survives the federal racketeering charges. Of course, all the Republican and conservative judges will give him a pass because he's the incoming President and all he needs to do is force the trial into a conservative suburb or one of the many red districts in the farm land and nobody will convict him of anything.

    Yes, I'm upset he won because he has no business being our President. 
    "Yes, I'm upset he won because he has no business being our President."

    There's this little thing called a democracy where the people have the power to decide who leads the country and who doesn't. And they have spoken. 
    Get out. Don't you remember hearing a hundred times in the last few weeks that the system is rigged? It's true. Republican gerrymandering, votor suppression and the electoral college got this idiot, excuse me, this candidate, the election. 

    If Hillary had won I wouldn't dare say anything as sentimental and smarmy as "the people have spoken." 
  • New batch of LG UltraFine 5K displays will have enhanced RF shielding, may not completely ...

    zroger73 said:
    I doubt this issue would exist had Apple made this display.

    I simply can't shake the image of the bottom-tier GoldStar televisions and radios lining the shelves of Walmart and dollar stores back in the 80s-90s. A name change to LG (Lucky GoldStar) doesn't help. Today, LG makes mid-tier products at best.
    Pay attention. LG makes the iMac 5K display.

    If "Apple made this display," they would have to use this same LG hardware because no one else can make IGZO LCDs like this at the present time.
  • Apple board member Al Gore sells $29.5M of company stock

    sflocal said:
    Time to vote Al off the island.  
    He's done little for Apple as far as keeping them ahead of political trends.
    Hey.... if it weren't for Al, we wouldn't have the Internet... and no Apple. /s

    Seriously, imho Al has been a dead weight on the board.  Does anyone have any info on what Gore has done in the past decade?
    Tell us what any other board member has done for Apple in the past decade.

    If any of you cynical geniuses had a shred of vision or reason, you would at least consider that Al Gore has had an influence on Apple's policy of maximizing their reliance on renewable energy for their plant wherever possible.
  • Intel launches new Kaby Lake chips suited for Apple's MacBook Pro, iMac

    Soli said:
    That will be awesome for Apple to roll out new models 4 months after I invested in their below average iteration of the MacBookPro.
    1) Apple doesn't their Macs enough. Apple updates their Macs too soon. No matter what they do someone will complain about it.

    2) And when they do update, historically the price will drop after having raised it to include expensive new HW in a new casing design, like when the Retina displays arrived.
    After they make some of their development money back, I might add. With the new MBPs, we're also paying more for what must be more expensive components, such as the new oxide wide-gamut display. 

    Gruber and Ritchie were talking on the last Talk Show podcast about the Touch Bar's development. Supposedly they have been on it for 10 years. There's an unusual amount of work in these new laptops, seems to me. Still, as you say, the prices will drop over time.
  • Apple elaborates on iPad Pro precision manufacturing process, reiterates 400 micron tolera...

    k2kw said:
    You can accept marketing words for $1000, or you can not be stupid and return it until you can get one that isn’t bent and doesn’t pop out of the extra $50 to $200 case you want to put it in. Would you accept a bent car they are supposedly developing? That’s not trustworthy to me. 
    Better to either wait till the next model or buy the 2017 iPP.    Plastic = cheap POS.   If this is bad now what sort of screen problems could these bends cause in two years.  Is Apple smart enough to drop everything to re-engineer it now, probably not.    Cook probably sees this as a way to sell more AppleCare.
    You really belong with the slimers at MacRumors, not here.
  • Channel checks, sales data on HomePod likely as wrong as it was about Apple Watch in 2015

    It’s a great speaker, unlike anything that ever existed before for its size and price. Playing my own choices of music through it is enough for me.

    For what it does to the Bach cello suites alone it’s worth buying. 
  • Apple's new iPad Pro ads tout augmented reality & mobile notetaking

    bulk001 said:
    I am in the market for a new iPad as my current one is four years old and slow. As someone mentioned though, is this what it has all come to - placing furniture into a live scene? Remember when wearables at CES were the next great thing in fashion and lifestyle that was going to change everything? Or 3D TV was going to change the way we consumed media? For all the billions spent by these big companies I was hoping for a little more I guess. Till it does I’ll buy furniture the old fashioned wayand go to a furniture store and try stuff out. Who is using AI successfully right now? Big businesses where I suspect were we are the furniture! I will probably wait another year before upgrading I guess. 
    I hope you read @Firelock's post above. I think drawing on top of pages or images in real time and projecting this to a live audience qualifies as an excelkent use case of augmented reality.

    edit: maybe "human-augmented reality" if you want to split hairs about it.
  • Apple board member Al Gore sells $29.5M of company stock

    P-DogNC said:
    Wow, nothing brings out the right-wing nutballs like an Al Gore story...
    Yep, the problem is that these guys are virgins, as Steve Jobs warned against being. They haven't taken their acid, and so haven't made the connection between themselves, their behavior, and the environment.

    They listened to Nancy Reagan: "Just say no." Poor ignorant bastards.