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  • Jony Ive subject of new National Portrait Gallery commission

    ^^^Talk about switching off. The guy with only one functioning brain hemisphere (the left) judges who is or is not a visionary. 
  • Camera comparison: iPhone 11 versus iPhone 11 Pro

    Really, Andrew, “stereoscopic?” You are abusing that term. There is no separate left/right information in that dog portrait.

    Maybe Apple is doing it too in their marketing of this pseudo-stereoscopic portrait mode, but there’s no reason for you to join them in mangling the meaning of the word.

    What word are you going to use in a year or so when we really have stereoscopic, separate left/right images that are being presented to each eye separately in Apple’s iGlasses?
  • Holographic elements could give Apple AR headset an immersive experience

    While possibly not unimportant in the long-term, personally I’d rather Apple delivered on the unspoken promise of their “Project Titan” R&D before a glasses/goggles system which may never be considered an acceptable accessory.
    “May God us keep
    From single vision and Newton’s sleep.”

    Lines meant for those who live in their left hemispheres, from William Blake in 1802. Apple’s mission to develop this new stereo visual technology, which is uniquely suited to the resources and talents of the company, will change the nature of human perception itself.

    Since the invention of 2D media such as the phonetic alphabet and the printed book or page, not to mention 2D cinema and video screens, we’ve been unknowingly crippled by technologies that train our visual systems not to see in depth.

    Wearable 3D vision amplifiers will be much more important than transportation, except now that I think of it, Apple’s version of the automobile will also be an exercise in depth vision and augmented realities.

  • Over 1.8 million people watched Apple's iPhone event live on YouTube

    lolliver said:
    It's great that they have included this option for those tat couldn't watch it directly from Apple. I much prefer the Apple events app on Apple TV than the YouTube app though so that is how I will continue to watch these events. The YouTube interface is infuriating.
    I also hate the YouTube interface with a passion. It’s so damned lazy, user-hostile, and typical of Google.
  • Analysts impressed with Services & iPhone 11 pricing, less on iPhone 11 Pro

    Jordanf1 said:
    Try 2499 Aud  for the pro max 512 gb here in Oz the mind spins and spins 
    When I think of my mind spinning here in California, it’s from left to right, counterclockwise. I wonder if it’s the same direction in the Southern Hemisphere?

    Anyway, just kidding, my sympathies. Is it mainly the exchange rate?