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  • Laurene Powell Jobs' Emerson Collective contributing to $100M funding round for Boom Super...

    airnerd said:
    Will some of that $100M be to subsidize the losses that will come with supersonic transport?  You can't make money on planes that size that need all the special gate equipment and excess fuel.  It's a novelty, as was the Concorde which was used to reward the tier members as very few people paid the cash it cost to ride on the Concorde.  

    Anything that brings a new plane to the market I'm a fan of, but the technology doesn't exist to make a profitable business plan using supersonic travel.  There is zero chance they can get the CASM in line with subsonic travel at 55 seats on the plane and have a RASM >$0.  
    Those were slower times, the Concorde era. The market outlook has improved for faster global transport. More people with wider connections with more money. The Concorde was just ahead of its time.

     The imperative with these things in the history of technology is that they will be done if they can be done. Example: landing and reusing first stage rocket boosters.
  • Channel checks, sales data on HomePod likely as wrong as it was about Apple Watch in 2015

    It’s a great speaker, unlike anything that ever existed before for its size and price. Playing my own choices of music through it is enough for me.

    For what it does to the Bach cello suites alone it’s worth buying. 
  • Apple's new iPad Pro ads tout augmented reality & mobile notetaking

    bulk001 said:
    I am in the market for a new iPad as my current one is four years old and slow. As someone mentioned though, is this what it has all come to - placing furniture into a live scene? Remember when wearables at CES were the next great thing in fashion and lifestyle that was going to change everything? Or 3D TV was going to change the way we consumed media? For all the billions spent by these big companies I was hoping for a little more I guess. Till it does I’ll buy furniture the old fashioned wayand go to a furniture store and try stuff out. Who is using AI successfully right now? Big businesses where I suspect were we are the furniture! I will probably wait another year before upgrading I guess. 
    I hope you read @Firelock's post above. I think drawing on top of pages or images in real time and projecting this to a live audience qualifies as an excelkent use case of augmented reality.

    edit: maybe "human-augmented reality" if you want to split hairs about it.
  • New Apple AirPods with smaller components could launch in late 2018

    tjwolf said:
    No surprise here. :) This is what Apple does. I love mine. It's the most Apple-like device I've bought recently! By that I mean, no one else has come close to duplicating the beautiful design and features!

    Reminds me when I got the first iPod Shuffle. White, one little light, very simple design. And it achieved 80% market share the Friday after it was released! :)


    P.S. I would really recommend them to everyone. :)
    Completely agree.  While the Apple Watch has helped me (finally) to shed quite a few pounds and live healthier, the AirPods are truly a pleasure to use.  There's just no describing the feeling of not fumbling with or untangling wires, of not having to answer Bluetooth connection questions, of not having to preface a Siri request with "Hey Siri", of almost never having to consciously having to charge the things (the Airpods' charge lasts long enough than I care to keep any device in my ear at a time; after putting them in their case for just a few minutes, they're ready to bring it on again.  I only charge the case once a week.)

    Even the lack of volume control and skip track - which I initially griped about - turns out to be a non-issue.  At least for Apple Watch owners - since when you play music, those controls automatically appear on the watch face.  Volume control is adjusted by turning the crown, you get skip/back/pause, and track title too.

    My only continued quibbles with AirPods are minor and revolve around the design: I don't have particularly big hands, but sometimes I struggle to get those things out of their case.  They're so damn slippery and rounded - no place to get a grip!  Also, I found out the hard way that while the AirPods themselves are relatively water proof, the case definitely is not!  So don't do like me and forget them in your jeans pocket when you start the wash :-(   Maybe a rubber seal around the lid?  That would also help with the loud sound whenever you close the lid - has woken up my wife on a couple occasion (the lid is slippery too!).  Also, things get pretty cruddy around the hinges if you keep 'em in your pocket.
    As Gruber's video showed, we're supposed to rotate them out of their recesses in the case by pushing out at the top. In other words, put your finger in the gap where the light is and push out, right for the right one, then left for the left one.

    Easy, but you have to do it with awareness. Very Zen. Gruber's video is how I found out about the trick.

  • Apple partner Catcher at work on new product category, could be rumored AR headset

    What's a chassis supplier?  What components do they supply to Apple today?
    A background story that goes back six years or so:


    Catcher of Taiwan was the supplier for the early all-aluminum MacBook Airs. If I remember right, Apple helped them set up the CNC production lines, and caused a shortage of that production mavhinery worldwide.

    So the Catcher relationship goes back a ways. Interesting that this could mean that Apple's AI glasses would be metal-framed, but that is really speculating.