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  • Corel, recent buyer of virtualization software firm Parallels, acquired by private equity ...

    sflocal said:
    I’ve never used Parallels as I’ve been a loyal VMWare Fusion user.  Now though, I wouldn’t touch Parallels with a mile-long stick.  Usually companies like these don’t last long when private equity firms get involved like they’re doing here.
    I’ve been using Parallels since v3, well before Fusion was released. When Fusion came out I gave it a shot, but it caused frequent kernel panics when using VMs stored on external media.

    A few years later, with 2-3 Macs I use regularly, I tried Fusion 7 because VMWare has a much more liberal license policy (that is, one license can be installed on up to three Macs, while Parallels requires a license for each, even when only one is in use at a time). I hated how it treats multiple displays - when using multiple displays on a guest, it does not allow you to switch those displays independently. I frequently will have one display showing a guest OS while the other displays my host OS windows and I switch back and forth. Parallels allows this. Fusion does not. If you swipe one display’s space, the other display switches as well. This is a show stopper and is not even a selectable option. From what I can tell, this still exists in current versions of Fusion.

    For this reason alone I pay for two Parallels licenses rather than a single Fusion license.
  • Apple seemingly discontinues Apple TV 'Remote' app

    Well that’s stupid. I do mostly use control center, but the app does something I find very useful that isn’t in control center. The app has a details label you can tap that’ll show you what’s currently playing with a slider showing the content length and the current position.

    AFAIK, this isn’t something you can do with control center and it’s nice to see what my kids are watching, or how much time is left on my show without bringing up the playback position on-screen.
  • Apple planning to ditch Intel chips in Macs for its own custom silicon in 2020

    I've been able to run Macs for work because of the ability to virtualize Windows. Not sure this bodes well for the future of Macs in certain business segments unless emulation performance under these new chips will be acceptable.
  • Apple details eGPU support in macOS 10.13.4 High Sierra, notes no Nvidia support

    Unfortunately, as MacOS now supports eGPU, support for USB-based displays has been lost. My company invested heavily in Targus USB docks which use DisplayLink to drive two external monitors (on top of Ethernet, audio, and other USB devices). It's a reasonable way to allow all the crappy HP and Dell laptops they provide as well as those of us who use Macs. As of 12.13.4, the DisplayLink drivers ceased to function (everything else with the dock still works, however). My understanding is that Duet and Air Display also no longer work (at least over USB; I haven't read anything about Wi-Fi yet).

    DisplayLink acknowledged the problem back when the first beta was released, but has not been able to provide a fix.
  • How iTunes went from simple to perplexing -- and gone

    iTunes should check out Roon! It's what iTunes should have been 5-10 years ago....It's the most incredible playback software ever made.....iTunes could not carry Roon's Jock strap!
    It looks pretty, but that's not enough to get me to pony up $120/year, unless it comes with some must-have features, and I didn't see anything particularly compelling on their site, but maybe I'm missing something.
  • Review: Lepow 15-inch portable monitor is highly movable extra screen space

    I actually bought this exact display last week. I find it to be sharp and reasonably vibrant. My one real complaint is that it resets to 50% brightness which I find frustrating, but for a portable second display it otherwise does its job well. I tend to use it outside (which is why I bought it for when I want to work from my deck) and when the sun is shining on it directly it’s not particularly bright (which is probably expected since it gets its power from my laptop’s USB port), not when there isn’t direct sun, it’s plenty bright.

    i find the Smart Cover style cover holds very well. In fact, its magnets are so strong that I find it difficult to open on the front without having to actually pull off the magnetic attachment on the back.

  • Apple to expand AI and machine learning office in Seattle, making room for 475 people

    BGeek said:
    Any idea why Apple does not have a store in downtown Seattle? Seems like every other major city has a Apple store downtown.
    No idea.  It's only the fastest growing city in the region.  Maybe they think the small stores in Alderwood Mall, and Bellevue Square are "good enough".  
    University Village is much closer to downtown than either of those, and Apple is building a brand new, much larger store adjacent to its current location.

    Frankly, however, I'm not sure how convenient downtown stores are. I'm picking up a brand new iMac this weekend in Portland and choose Bridgeport (15 miles south) over the downtown location because I don't want to have to pay to park in a lot two blocks away carrying a $3000 computer back to my car. The store at University Village has a parking garage about 100 feet away from it with ample, free parking. The lots at Alderwood and Bellevue Square are only slightly less convenient, yet still free, unlike nearly every other downtown.
  • iMac, iMac 4k, iMac 5k, or iMac Pro - which iMac should you buy?

    Looking into the future which in the computer world you try to do with some success. I would stay away from HD's and drop the extra money on a 2TB SSD and get as much RAM as you can afford and what the hardware can hold. 
    I think that for a desktop machine, a 1TB SSD is plenty. I bought a maxed-out 5k iMac last year and that's the storage I opted for. I wanted enough to hold my OS, a couple of VMs, and my primary apps. For anything else I can hang external storage and pay less for it. For the price of going from that 1TB SSD to an internal 2TB SSD I could have added at least 2TB of external SSD storage and it would be plenty fast. For data (and backups), I have a Synology with four 8TB drives. Over a wired gigabit connection, access is plenty fast.

    For a laptop, however, I would agree that a 2TB drive would be better over the life of the machine. You don't want external drives dangling off a portable machine.
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  • How Apple Silicon Macs can supercharge computing in the 2020s

    In over 20 years and Thousands of both Mac & Windows Users I have serviced, I have yet to meet ONE person who wants or needs to run Windows on a Mac. It's two separate Worlds plain and simple. Anyone who thinks otherwise is FUBAR.
    Perhaps you need to get out more?

    Up until I changed jobs in January, I literally ran Windows in a VM every day. Now I don’t have the need for Windows very often, but I do run Linux-based applications inside Docker containers every single day.

    A large percentage of developers do the same on their Macs, so you can’t discount the need to virtualization technologies.
  • Apple switches off Back to My Mac remote access for all users

    matrix077 said:
    Is this because of security reason? I can’t think of any other.
    More likely because it never worked reliably.