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  • Review: Promise Pegasus R4i and J2i add massive storage to the new Mac Pro

    ArcaSwiss said:
    It's laughable to think of putting spinning discs in this machine.  
    Until SSD's step up and get affordable for large size, there will always be spinning disks. 4K, 6K, & 8K RAW takes up insane space. My Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera, shooting 5.7K RAW fills a 128GB card in.....6 minutes. So while I'm not at all a fan of the speeds spinning HD's have, when I need to store 14TB for a single shoot, there's nothing in the SSD world that can do that for under $500. /edit. Cheapest way would be 4x4TB SSD's, totaling about $1,800 before tax. And then my data is spread over 4 drives.
  • SoftBank considering sale or IPO of chip design company Arm Holdings

    I don't know if Apple could buy ARM out from Softbank without triggering all sorts of monopoly alarm bells.  They would control the company that licenses the chip design that essentially every mobile phone manufacturer uses.  Would be a massive red flag.  I don't think Google could buy it either for the same reason.  
  • CarPlay & Android Auto have a stranglehold on the new car market

    Having used the Tesla UI for 6 years now, I'm used to it where it's actually easier for me to use than the CarPlay UI.   I agree that most manufacturers OEM infotainment systems are hot trash though.  Tesla's UI is just much better than all other OEM UI's out there.  It's not perfect (even CarPlay has issues) but it's good.

  • NBCUniversal ad exec Linda Yaccarino will be the new Twitter CEO

    The real story here is that Twitter is on the up and up and is looking forward to a bright future. With smart, successful people at the helm.
    Uh, source?
  • Wi-Fi 6E to be restricted to iPhone 15 Pro with A17 processor

    Technically, the only difference between Wifi 6 and 6E is the 6Ghz band.  The protocol and all that are the same, 6E just operates on a higher (and far less busy) frequency.

    In a clean RF environment where 5Ghz and 6Ghz are open, there should be little to no difference between the two from a speed standpoint, beyond the fact 6Ghz can't penetrate walls as well as 5Ghz (or 2.4Ghz).

    In dense RF environments like in cities or packed urban areas the 6Ghz frequency can make a huge difference though, as multiple radios aren't fighting for time on the same frequencies, aided in by the fact 6Ghz has trouble penetrating through walls.  If you are near a transmitter you will get great speeds with next to no interference from other wifi networks.  You just might need a few more transmitters to get great signal throughout your home.
  • Apple releases another new slight AirTags firmware revision

    For a product that was basically done and sitting on the shelf for about a year before actual release, they sure seem to still be a work in progress with all these firmware updates.
  • HomePod review roundup: Apple's smart speaker sounds incredible, but Siri is lacking

    I think this is pretty much what we all knew would happen here.   We all knew Apple would work to make the best sounding speaker possible, no surprise.   Everyone also knows Siri is a joke, and it would be the dumbest speaker out there (at launch at least).

    Beyond the most basic commands, Siri is pretty useless.  It almost never understands my questions or commands when used.
  • TP-Link has new Wi-Fi 7 & mesh routers for homes and businesses

    pascal007 said:
    It seems to me that wifi 6 has barely stabilized (and not everything has stepped up to 6E, let alone 6), and already they’re trying to sell us a new standard? Nope! 
    OK Grampa, you forgot to add "Stay off my lawn!"

    Bring on the speed and new standard.  
  • NBCUniversal ad exec Linda Yaccarino will be the new Twitter CEO

    So what's the over/under on how long she lasts?  I figure maybe 6 months.  Elon will either drive her away quickly with his micro-management or she's go full red pill and drive the company into the ground just as fast as if he was running it alone.

    Maybe she should shadow Gwynne Shotwell over at SpaceX for a few months first to learn how to deal with Elon.  Shotwell is an amazing leader over there, she does an amazing job running SpaceX and keeping Elon in check.
  • YouTube Premium Family Plan gets a big price hike

    steveusc said:
    Thank you Google, Alphabet or whatever you call yourself these days.  You gave me an excuse for my family to send a financial message right back to you by canceling you for unfairly censoring the conservative voice.  I prefer Rumble now anyway like many conservatives.  I’m sure your 1984 Orwellian Agenda to make everyone think like you is worth it to lose your conservative paying customers right?  Enjoy your lighter wallet.  Paypal I’m sure is enjoying it too.  I closed my account there a few days ago.  Now please increase the price of YouTube TV so we can make it a trifecta. 
    Lol snowflake got triggered.

    /edit. Although you joined these forums in 2014 and only once have posted?  How's that work?