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  • CarPlay & Android Auto have a stranglehold on the new car market

    Having used the Tesla UI for 6 years now, I'm used to it where it's actually easier for me to use than the CarPlay UI.   I agree that most manufacturers OEM infotainment systems are hot trash though.  Tesla's UI is just much better than all other OEM UI's out there.  It's not perfect (even CarPlay has issues) but it's good.

  • NBCUniversal ad exec Linda Yaccarino will be the new Twitter CEO

    The real story here is that Twitter is on the up and up and is looking forward to a bright future. With smart, successful people at the helm.
    Uh, source?
  • NBCUniversal ad exec Linda Yaccarino will be the new Twitter CEO

    So what's the over/under on how long she lasts?  I figure maybe 6 months.  Elon will either drive her away quickly with his micro-management or she's go full red pill and drive the company into the ground just as fast as if he was running it alone.

    Maybe she should shadow Gwynne Shotwell over at SpaceX for a few months first to learn how to deal with Elon.  Shotwell is an amazing leader over there, she does an amazing job running SpaceX and keeping Elon in check.
  • Dell's new monitor boasts 6K resolution & IPS Black display technology

    I would love a stripped down version of this monitor.  No USB hub, no camera, no speakers, just a great display, full stop.  Anyone using a 6K display probably already has a thunderbolt hub so really they don't even need to add thunderbolt and charging, just give me a DisplayPort or HDMI hookup.  If you want to add one feature, maybe make it so you can hook up two machines and run the display in side by side mode or just a quick source flip button.  Beyond that I just want a basic display for a less. $$.
  • Plugable 5-in-1 hub review: Buy it for the Ethernet port alone

    cia said:
    For this price it should have a 2.5Gbe ethernet jack instead of just gigabit.
    $32? That is hardly expensive for any kind of tech like this. For example, If I had a dollar for every word I wrote, $32 would last me long enough to say...
    You can get 2.5Gbe ethernet dongles for $19, and normal gigabit ones for under $10.  Since all this thing has is a basic USB hub and ethernet port, for $32 it should include a 2.5Gbe port at the minimum, otherwise it's a waste of money.