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  • CarPlay & Android Auto have a stranglehold on the new car market

    Having used the Tesla UI for 6 years now, I'm used to it where it's actually easier for me to use than the CarPlay UI.   I agree that most manufacturers OEM infotainment systems are hot trash though.  Tesla's UI is just much better than all other OEM UI's out there.  It's not perfect (even CarPlay has issues) but it's good.

  • Wi-Fi 6E to be restricted to iPhone 15 Pro with A17 processor

    Technically, the only difference between Wifi 6 and 6E is the 6Ghz band.  The protocol and all that are the same, 6E just operates on a higher (and far less busy) frequency.

    In a clean RF environment where 5Ghz and 6Ghz are open, there should be little to no difference between the two from a speed standpoint, beyond the fact 6Ghz can't penetrate walls as well as 5Ghz (or 2.4Ghz).

    In dense RF environments like in cities or packed urban areas the 6Ghz frequency can make a huge difference though, as multiple radios aren't fighting for time on the same frequencies, aided in by the fact 6Ghz has trouble penetrating through walls.  If you are near a transmitter you will get great speeds with next to no interference from other wifi networks.  You just might need a few more transmitters to get great signal throughout your home.
  • M2 Pro Mac mini vs Mac Studio - compared

    To make it a more Apples to Apples comparison you should check the 10Gbe Ethernet option on the Mini.  Then both machines are closer in specs.  With that option the M2 Pro mini is $1,799 vs the $1,999 base of the Studio.
  • TP-Link has new Wi-Fi 7 & mesh routers for homes and businesses

    pascal007 said:
    It seems to me that wifi 6 has barely stabilized (and not everything has stepped up to 6E, let alone 6), and already they’re trying to sell us a new standard? Nope! 
    OK Grampa, you forgot to add "Stay off my lawn!"

    Bring on the speed and new standard.  
  • AirTag clone developed by researchers works around Apple's anti-stalking measures

    If you are honestly willing to jump through all these hoops to make a cloned AirTag, you REALLY have to want to make a cloned AirTag.

    Instead of going through all those steps, you can just buy a cellular tracker off Amazon for under $100, pop in a pre-paid SIM (Bought with cash) and track someone that way.  No warnings ever.