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  • Apple releases macOS 10.12 Sierra with Siri, Apple Pay for web, Apple Watch login, more

    Not seeing it on the Canadian App Store yet...

    C'MON, me wants!!! :)
    Cousins in Toronto got it already.

    Mine is ready for me to click the Continue button.

    Using the beta for months now. Love it
  • Watch AppleInsider's Apple Pro discussion live

    Difficult to understand why the naysayers have been so quiet after watching this event. NOT.
  • Production already underway for Apple's new 4-inch 'iPhone 6c' - report

    bulldogs said:
    Huh? 1. Apple does not enjoy the brand name power in emerging markets that they do in developed ones. In those areas, Apple is not an aspirational brand. 2. Emerging markets prefer bigger screen devices. In fact, in many of them the 4.7' iPhone 6 is considered small. That is because - see #1 - the iPhone 2, 3, 4, 5 did not set the expectations and reference frames for mobile devices to where anything over 4' was considered big. In those markets, 4' inch phones are now seen as very cheap budget phones like the LG Destiny or Blu Advance. 3. As a result, when these folks see the iPhone 6 Plus as a "normal" phone, an iPhone 6 as a "small phone", they are going to see the iPhone 6c - as it will cost $200 less than an iPhone 6 and $350 less than a 6 Plus - as a cheap, bad phone that Apple is for some reason charging way more than everyone else charges for their low end models. (And it doesn't help matters that Samsung has been charging way too much for their own cheap models in emerging markets for years. That is the main reason why Samsung has lost so much business to the likes of Xiaomi, Oppo, Intex, Yu and Huawei in those markets ... they charge much less for much better phones.) In other words, this shows that Apple really does not get the emerging markets. They are thinking that everyone is like China. The problem is that while China does have a huge "emerging market" of hundreds of millions of people, they also have a sizable middle and upper class of hundreds of millions of people! So even the hundreds of millions of lower income people know about Apple products in China because the middle and upper class people in China have them. (And also because emulating western fashions and trends and buying western products is fashionable among the Chinese upper class.) That makes Apple an aspirational brand. But in places where the middle and upper classes are nowhere near as large - and are less likely to emulate the rich and famous in America - paying $400 for a 4 inch phone when you can get a 6.3" phone from LeTV (that is right, phones in emerging markets get really big, up to 7" because in those areas they are primary computing devices, replacing the tablet and the laptop) for $250. Now I don't think that Apple is as badly misplaying the Indian and other emerging markets as Google did with their failed Android One program (and Microsoft did trying to blanket the market with budget Windows phones over there and wound up taking an even bigger loss). I think that the real reason is Apple is paving the way to offer a mid-tier line. The first dip in the water will be 4' phones that they claim will be for developing countries, but they will follow it up with 5' phones for the same price that they market everywhere after the precedent is set. This is the first step in having an iPhone equivalent of the iPod Shuffle ($30), MacBook Air (currently can be had for $720 new on eBay) or Mac Mini ($499) and of course the iPad Mini ($250, which is the same price as a small Android tablet like the Nexus 7 or an Asus MemoPad 7). Bottom line: the maturation of the smartphone market means that Apple is going to have to start coming down on prices just like everybody else. This is just a face-saving way to do it.
    If you wish for more people to read your comments, may I suggest that you break it up into smaller paragraphs. Very difficult to read.
  • Apple polling MacBook Pro owners on use of headphone jack, other ports

    ireland said:
    lymf said:
    While I don't have a problem on ditching it on the iPhone, PLEASE dont ditch it on the Mac yet. Just DON'T.

    when you DJ and want to listen to some songs on your computer you want to listen to them on the headphones you're gonna use at the venue. They aren't wireless. And I don't want to ever use a Windows computer for that. Thanks.
    And for those small percentage of users they can buy Lightning DJ headphones or simply use the included adapter.
    Ireland, you are being too pragmatic.

    After all, its been suggested that nearly 10% of adults suck their thumbs. I guess some people never grow up.