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  • Quote: Originally posted by DeaPeaJay There is no way that Apple would release a new product in Japan, but not in the US. Give me a break. Have they EVER done that? Remember the PowerBook 2400c? Nice computer back then for it's small size.…
  • Just a couple of quick thoughts, as it's very late here. 1. As someone with experience in computer architecture and software engineering, it's my opinion that the x86 ISA really is a mess relative to that of the PPC. It is a tremendous credit to…
  • Quote: Originally posted by JLL Open Terminal and type java -version If you get something about "segmentation fault" you should reinstall Security Update 2005-002: http://www.apple.com/support/downloa...34orlater.html It seems that there…
  • Quote: Originally posted by TWinbrook46636 More pics! More pics! More pics! What does the screen look like when the backlight is off? It must be a transflective display, right? Well, I should first say that the screen looks fantastic …
  • Quote: Originally posted by gsxrboy The screen looks quite nice even in your quick picture. Thanks. I've got another one that shows the album art by itself (one of the screens to which you can toggle with the select button): Another image
  • Quote: Originally posted by osXuser Umm...dinner now. Pics later. Ohhh, alright. Here's one. Sorry about the lighting. It was just a quick shot. iPod photo
  • Quote: Originally posted by SafariX PICS NOW Umm...dinner now. Pics later.
  • Just picked mine up from the local Apple Store, so I guess they're available. It's beautiful. I'm now waiting while iTunes transfuses my music into it. My previous iPod was essentially full, and I'd had trouble wondering what to do with the re…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Keda Please NO!!! Don't let Apple make the menu items different colors. My Accounting Professor does this with hid PPT slides. Every frickin' line is a different color. It makes my eyes cross after a three hour l…
  • Quote: Originally posted by iDave Agreed, I think this would only be useful if no computer is available. Although a lot of people will love it just because the TV screen is bigger, photos look much better on a computer screen. (I don't know about…
  • I don't know about all the complexity suggested by some posters. I think the ability to display images is not all that important to me, as I'd prefer a larger format (e.g. powerbook) for that. I suppose a video out to a TV might be okay, but the r…