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  • I love Aperture, one feature that I'd love to see and they have to do this with Aperture 1.5 or 2 whatever it's going to be is they have to integrate it into the rest of the iLife so that I can use my images in Aperture in say Pages or iDVD easily. …
  • Hmm I really like those last two ideas you had, especially the mail part. Thats a great idea a simple nice looking very simple like the built in rss reader mail plugin just to see if you got some new messages and read them.
  • I too am waiting for the next Nano hopefully in a 6 or 8gb capacity either will do just perfectly. And hopefully a recording attachment for the Nano.
  • Quote: Originally posted by gloss Read before post. Aiee. Dude whats with the Aiee stuff your posting all over the boards telling people to read something before they post as if somehow your life is interrupted or ruined by a persons post.
  • For the love of god people, everyone in this forum is posting how it must be a core duo. There is nothing wrong with a core solo especially in the low end MacBook. The people that are going to be buying a low end MacBook except for cheapskates arent…
  • There wont be a 15 inch Mac Book its going to be one display size a 13.3 inch widscreen display. Apple already has a 15inch display in the MBP. LOW END 13.3" 1.5 ghz Core Solo 60gb HDD 256mb RAM GMA 950 Combo Drive Airport & Bluetoot…
  • Quote: Originally posted by hardeeharhar i wish you could write in proper english it would help understand what you are trying to say but not allow for misinterpretations of your crappy use of language and allow readers to assess your question to…
  • I agree, the next product will be an Intel consumer notebook, and I hope it is before the August educational buying season because I'm waiting on buying a new computer till the new Intel book replacement comes, just a thought though... Powerbook …