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  • Quote: Originally posted by zfmt if not free, do you where where to get them free? You probably don't want to ask that here. That said, you probably don't need one yet. I wouldn't worry right now about it.
  • I always used one of the comparison engines like the ones posted above. I personally used Addall, but they're all pretty much the same. My experience with Amazon is a little hit and miss, I've had more success with Though, one time I …
  • Quote: Originally posted by ipodandimac for windows users, what is a better mail app solution? Thunderbird.
  • Quote: Originally posted by a_greer My mail provider, Gmail does the same thing, that is why I use them (and 1 gig free beats the hell outa 250m @ $99). As a sidenote, GMail's capacity per account is over 2.3 GB right now (and counting...)
  • You could try WMV Player plugin for Quicktime. $9.99 to purchase, but I think the trial will allow you to play the first half of wmv files.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Mr Skills That's not quite what I meant. Of course it will work, along with everything else. What I am asking is whether the whole purpose of Core Image (or a substantial part of it) was to ease the transition to Intel…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Jacko One more thing... Maybe we'll get rid of the damn one button mouse: cross the clickable scroll-wheel with a smooth apple mouse and voila! Gentlemen, I give you.... the scrolling wheelmouse. Otherwise know…
  • Quote: Originally posted by a_greer update: Order Placed...will arrive on/befor the 29th It looks amazing, I ghope I am not disappointed - but I just keep telling myself that on top of all the bugfixes and system level updates, the software to…
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  • This should be in the Adobe/Macromedia merger thread.
  • Quote: Originally posted by a_greer Well, I am ready...card in hand...ready to order this - sight unseen...this is the most expenciove thing that I have ever bought without seeing it in person (like in a friends computer)...and being on a limited…
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  • Newegg has the 172X with 2 mail in rebates avaialble bringing it down to $219 after rebates... hard to top for a Samsung LCD with DVI.
  • Yeah, there's several online brokers that you can deal with (Scottrade is one). Typically, you put in whatever money to open the account (some brokers have minimum opening deposit requirements), then you buy stocks or funds with a flat commission c…
  • Seems like a pretty easy choice here. I echo everything ibook911 said. I also have a similar setup, with a 12" PB and a Dell 2005fpw 20" Widescreen LCD.
  • Quote: Originally posted by webavatar Because Apple posts guidance for 3Q software arena based on expected sales, and if Tiger is already announced you can build in expectations of its sales which Apple has said previously that they expect it to …
  • Quote: Originally posted by webavatar #1) Apple reports 2Q Earnings next week Wednesday and they should want to include expected sales of Tiger in their 3Q guidance estimates. What does this have to do with it? They know what to include …
  • As a sidenote on pricing: Typically $129 retail $69 education Also, online retailers will likely be offering mail in rebates either prior to or after Tiger's release - often to get it to the $99 level or below. So, for example Amazon has i…
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  • Don't know. Apparently, a preview build was available that works with 8A393:
  • No. They're not interchangeable, and are integrated.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Sekio I tried all the suggestions for the mouse and looked around on the internet for drivers again and have yet to find anything. I don't think it's going to work. I'm tempted to buy a wireless apple mouse however…
  • Not sure that it puts much additional pressure on Apple. Turion will have a hard time IMO starting out against Centrino's established spot in the thin-and-light market. The battery life is still unknown so far, and if an AMD PR person in claiming …