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  • Quote: Originally posted by drewsaur Well, I ordered my 2Ghz dual with the 9600XT upgrade on "opening day" and waited the extra week for it to ship. It arrived today, and although the sticker on the outside of the box indicates that it has the 96…
  • Quote: Originally posted by Vox Barbara specifically for Mac OS X is the keyword here Obviously there is a certain lack of software designed for the 6 year old. I don't know, IF this is an issue in U.S., but outside U.S. it is quite an issue. Ind…
  • I went from no Mac to... Dual 2GHz PowerMac G5 (rev b) 1.5GB RAM 160GB HDD ATI 9600 XT AirPort Extreme BT+Apple Wirless Keyboard & Mouse I was previously a PC user..
  • Quote: Originally posted by Kickaha Yes it is, but it's wrong.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Messiahtosh Steve never said that, he said he was proud OF THE FACT THAT THEY DID NOT RELEASE IT. Jobs stated that he is proud not only of the products Apple has shipped, but also the products Apple has decided not…
  • Quote: Originally posted by ~ufo~ black iMac ? Now that looks AWESOME!
    in Black ipod Comment by chaser June 2004
  • Black iPod would be ugly, Apple would never do something like that... ugh
    in Black ipod Comment by chaser June 2004
  • Quote: Originally posted by TWinbrook46636 I don't know if this is old news but has anyone noticed you can now order the eMac with the bluetooth mouse and keyboard in place of the wired versions. It's only $99 extra for the Bluetooth module, key…
  • Quote: Originally posted by G-Dog Why do I have this feeling that Apple told them to hold off for possible upgrades in the pipeline so that it would look way faster? Hmmm... I got the same feeling!
  • I would personally seek revenge, possibly by pooring water on their computers... Tell them they were dusty and needed cleaning...
  • So what are all of you expecting out of this new OS? I would like to see more, well I actually can't think of anything now... How about you?
  • Quote: Originally posted by Steve Well, I take that back. That was a little harsh of me. It seems I have overlooked two major additions. Alerts come from the bottom now. And there's a sheep emoticon. Sweet, exactly what I need!
  • So will these chips appear in the PowerMac rev b's? Or do you think they will?
  • Quote: Originally posted by hmurchison LOL so the "tilt and peek" method basically had NO effect. Well I got my 30 in..did my best and drank far too much Pepsi. They should do water next...people would be more likely to drown themselves in Da…
  • I think your remake of the iPod has a ugly screen... I want colors, longer battery life, and a built in digital camera w/ 5 megapixles
  • Quote: Originally posted by podmate Don't tease me!! I saw that too and was hoping...but who wouldn't be happy with a dual 2Ghz G5? It's a great machine, crazy if you're unhappy with it! Best Mac available! Congratulations
  • I definately think so... You'll like the larger screen, especially with the programs you run... You'll have more room to work with them...
  • Quote: Originally posted by kwikfx well, actually, i meant to say new Powermacs within two weeks!! And the specs?
  • Those look more like walkie-talkies... Look good for that, but a phone should be much smaller and where's the numeric pad? Good work on it though
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