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  • anyone? lol
  • i talked to apple tech support...they said i shood be compatible i talked to aol tech support...they said that an apple coodn't connect to aol broand lol hehe I'm rootin for the apple ppl... I plugged the cable directly into the ibook.…
  • oo i see. English eh? um, well, i guess with my pc i just got used to connecting to the cable by just bringin up the aol program and stuff. U see on there, I had to do that first before I was able to pull up somethin like internet explorer. We…
  • k. will do. the thing w/ aol is they don't let u do ne thing w/out gettin in and typin in ur password. r u sure i can start safari before loggin on w/ aol? or did i misunderstand? MM
  • after getting the belkin, AOL warned me it may not work...and i tried pluggin the ibook in directly to the connection shood i switch in for airport extreme?
  • thanks sry i confused u...ya its a wireless belkin router the screen comes up on aol saying connecting vial TCP/IP or w/e and it never logs in, for some reason. i'll keep trying that tho. thanks fer the help -mm
  • so if i got the airport express, while keeping aol, it wouldn't automatically do dialup and might actually connect to the cable? i set up the aol software so that it has "airport connects directly to aol" and then it does step won, connecting to …
  • ok thanks its actually cable, but hopefully that'll work the same -MM
  • do'h ok. well, er so just so things are strait...can iDVD be of any use on iBook w/ only a combo drive and w/ saved data can definately be burned on another computer? cook this somehow be done on a PC? MM
    in iBook Comment by masterman July 2004
  • ok, well here is what i got to work w/... I got an HP w/ a DVD writer combo drive and am plannin on gettin the ibook...i don't know if i wanna get somethin as large as 14" but if it is only for the superdrive then is it worth it? Is there ne wa…
    in iBook Comment by masterman July 2004
  • what i'm thinkin is i'll get the ibook and get some good accessories w/ what money i hav left over...those power books are pricy...but u may not have as tight a budget
    in iBook Comment by masterman July 2004
  • why do u need the superdrive? isn't its only advantage the dvd burner?
    in iBook Comment by masterman July 2004
  • Why ibook? Powerbook=$$$$$$$$$$$ lol And the ibook fits me not gunna be using it for gaming but mainly microsoft documents, internet, and video/picture editing btw, for those of u who know, are there ne advantages for iLife for …
    in iBook Comment by masterman July 2004
  • ok thanks actually i may pass on the imac anyway, get some cool accessories or somethin thanks again guys
    in iBook G4 Comment by masterman June 2004
  • ok nvm...i guess im not gettin the G4 after any chance will there be a better, updated model say around Christmas time? just a thought... and by then i think i'll have a little extra doe so i might be able to get myself a desktop too…
    in iBook G4 Comment by masterman June 2004
  • now what abt the airport express? cood that boost the signal of the belkin, or only the airport extreme?
    in iBook G4 Comment by masterman June 2004
  • thanks...thats what i meant.
  • maybe some of this'll help...
  • is there a way to sync garage band w/ ipod?
  • the funny thing is..i just can't use that either. The signal may not be strong enuff, or fades in and out...but I can't get into that either. Stinks. -MM
    in lo people Comment by masterman May 2004