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  • It is amazing posting in this forum... The few times I have asked for help here, I receive almost no help whatsoever and that drives me to work it out on my own which I nearly always find the solution, eventually. I found the solution ... K…
  • My recent search has informed me that I VERY IGNORANTLY puchased 10.3, an "upgrade" OS and that I need 9.0 to install this OS. My imac came preinstalled with 9.0 so I have no previous version to install from. Since it is really old technology I ha…
  • The vb codes were off. Took a minute lol...
  • OK I worked out the server ftp crap now how do I post it so the icon appears here and not just the link?
  • I have a bunch of animated GIF smileys. Some new ones I would like to include in some forums like this one. I have 10 mb of space through RCN but I can not figure out the correct ftp service to use to upload the files to that web space and how…
  • I am not cheap pal, I am not the owner of this phone. No long distance available.
  • Why do I want to pay $3 dollars to a phone company if Yahoo has a 1-800 customer service number? Besides, I can not make long distance phone calls from this landline. It has to be toll free to go through. I always expect little from this site a…
  • I mean a toll free 1-800 customer service number
  • Listen to Boukman, he is right on. Go with NeoOffice/J until they get the final version completed, who knows when. As far as looks, you must be kidding, they all look the same. http://www.openoffice.org/
  • I worked it out through trial and error. Thx for the help.
  • Each of the 4 times I have tried to upgrade this system goes into a complete tailspin. I have had to reinstall every single time just to get things to work properly again. Browsers just hang forever. Apps will start to launch and then crash etc e…
  • Anyone have any ideas? Surely someone here has worked through this situation?
  • Is it possible to set up another user account w/admin access and delete the original user account?
  • Do I have to reinstall all the apps again or if I save archive will all remain usable?
  • It seems I am down to reinstalling after all. Can't figure out the problem even after your tips. Can you suggest the best way to reinstall as I have no documentation on how to do it? thx
  • I tried to creat an archive and it really did little to change the list. After I deleted the original folder since I have it in the zip, it worked perfectly to eliminate all the Xtras I dont need. Thx big time...
  • I Forgot to check back. I figured it out weeks ago but, I used none of these tips thx for your feedback though. There is a much simpler way that I have found.
    in Proxy Comment by xded August 2004
  • Doesn't a website have to actually perform a trace to determine if someone is using a proxy. See I couldn't care less about the ISP. I was interested in a particular site that says ok IP # so and so is visiting. With a proxy enabled wouldnt that …
    in Proxy Comment by xded July 2004
  • Dude, I am not interested in hiding from any ISP as I clearly stated in the post above yours and once again here. Hope its clear, thx for the posts.
    in Proxy Comment by xded July 2004