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  • Did you buy online or go to an Apple store?.....If you bought it at the store take it back...if online send an e-mail with photo...maybe??
  • great pics ...what kind of camera did you use
  • I have not had a Flu shot in 15 years ...im 35 and have not been sick for more than a day or two...in that 15 years so I am not getting one ever again....
    in Flu shot? Comment by g2g October 2004
  • I was just at the Apple store in Atlanta...Wow first time ...i am geting ready to switch to an ....ibook ....or pb....used both side by side and they 1.33 ibook...15 pb...seem very close ...I would like to see a shoot out between a 1.33 with 512 ram…
  • Well after being married for six years and knowing my wife since the sixth grade....Note a good idea to waste your time with some one who you know is not the one !!!! ie office girl...saying you would never cheat sounds good...but the fact that you …
    in Idle hands Comment by g2g October 2004
  • 15% to 20% at a restaurant..I have been getting my hair cut for free for about fifteen years..so no tip there..I do not put up with shity service...as soon as I see a bad server etc.. I ask for the manager end of story!!!
    in Tipping Comment by g2g October 2004
  • www.drbott.com they have some cool ways to hook your ipod up....
  • Is Dell worth the money ..to me no ....I think they should have given the option to upgrade the gpu .....6800 or 9800...and 512 of ram...bluetooth etc...imho
  • I plan on useing Quicken Premier Home & Business...on Virtual PC when I switch to a PB...
  • Thanx...after reading about the xbox team working on Virtual PC 7 ...it looks like they will ad that ...I was going to use my Quicken Preimier Home and Business...from Windoz {going to switch to a 15 PB....by Jan 05}..I want to run my business from …
  • I use hotmail ...stuck with Windoz till the end of the year ....I will be buying a PB 1.5 Ghz 1 gig of ram 128MB Ati...or whatever takes it's place if we see a rev soon
  • Thanx ...I do think getting fired was cool...it was the first time ....when I was walking out the door I said I wanted my two weeks of vacation...he said no I dont have to pay that ????...So yesterday he called about some money from the ira I had ..…